Turning 30



Did you ever get to an age which felt like a bit of a watershed, with all the introspective psychodrama that came with it? Whether it be a midlife crisis, turning 30, 40, 21, whatever? And you got a tattoo, quit your job, fled the country, etc? Or just accepted your lot in life and got on with it?

I’m totally fine with it all, just asking for a friend.


Harsh tag for @elthamsmateowen in the OP


Bovvered. Meat, shovel, grave etc.


Get on with it!


30 was pretty br00tal at the time, yeah. Already had a tattoo and recently changed jobs though/


Being 30 just means it’s far more acceptable to tell people you can’t be arsed with stuff any more.

Suits me fine.


I felt like a fraud still being in my 20s when I was approaching 30, so it wasn’t too much of a problem.

Not looking forward to 40, though :confused:


Turning 30 itself was fine, but it’s unravelled into a pretty shitty year. So I’m currently a potential for quitting my job and fleeing the country, for sure.


Yeah 30 was pretty bad, despite my outward Miserablism I had always been fairly optimistic things would work out in the long run, 30 started to approach, realised I was in the long run and they probably wouldn’t


My mental health probs culminated in an almighty breakdown at 30 and fwiw I did go through a horribly cliched introspective/reflective phase beforehand. Purely observational as I have no credentials to know if it’s the case but I reckon there’s a bunch of psychological shifts for better or worse that take place around that time.

Plus as a generation, despite fairly commonplace privilege we’re in a bit of an odd place which probably sees more of this sort of thing. We just need to keep talking about this stuff and reducing stigma so if people are struggling they feel it’s ok to get their stuff out there IMO.


Can’t remember


how old are you balonz? I reckon 38


i’ve got ages yet


dunno. wish I was 30 again. got some friends who are like ‘oh man, I’m sooo old’ they’re 28



6 in dog years


those people are the worst



i had a proper crisis turning 20 when i realised i was entering adulthood and didn’t know what i was doing, combined with all my siblings getting their shit together and starting to have kids. if only i’d known that 7 years later i’d still be coasting along like a clueless 18 year old everything would have been fine.

last couple of birthdays have felt a bit weird but i’m really not looking forward to the breakdown i’m going to have in 2019


Warranty expiration?


you know what helps though? having housemates who are much older than you and not really any better off. one of them is 37 which is very comforting.