Turning a disaster into a triumph. The power of positivity. Being a champion.

I bought a duvet cover the other day and got super king instead of king by mistake. But now I’ve bought a super king size winter duvet to fill it out and my comfort levels are about to take a huge upturn.

How have you been a champion?


By pointing out that the king size/super king size issue still seems to be a problem based on your description

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I think we are now a team of champions who have sorted out the OP.

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Completed Hades yesterday

Well done on completing a children’s game for children.


You’ll get there soon enough, champ.


:mushroom: :mushroom: Je suis le champignon :mushroom: :mushroom:

We did this earlier in the year to deal with my alleged cover stealing. It’s a boss move.

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Yeah I made the mistake because in my previous house we had a standard double with a king duvet. Outsizing your duvet is definitely the way to go. I’m pretty excited about going to bed.

then to fit his super king duvet, he went to buy a super king cover only to come home with an ultra king cover

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I stepped in a puddle on my run this morning and it was squelching while I was running, so in my head I tried to pretend like this was a good thing and that I really wanted a soggy squelchy sock, and weirdly it kinda worked a bit, or at least the ridiculousness of what I was doing amused me enough that I was less bothered by my soggy foot.

Made poached eggs. Didn’t fuck up any single one of them not ONE.

I don’t know why
Balonz got an ultra king cover
Perhaps he’ll die

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I’ve got the egg yips. I’ve always been bad at breaking eggs. Never go full “smash them and they go everywhere” situation, but always always bottle it at the last millisecond, barely graze the shell and then eventually end up pouring the egg out through a tiny hole in the shell after a few more bashes. Fuck the eggs up a lot. I just have no egg confidence now, and as we all know it’s all about the egg confidence.

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They say egg confidence is what makes a man. I’m sorry for your egg loss

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Balonz’s 10th wedding anniverary was yesterday. Buying an extra big duvet cover was

  • an honest mistake that turned out OK in the end and is well worth its own thread.
  • the sort of thing middle-aged men do to “spice it up” in the bedroom after 10 years.

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I got married on my 16th birthday. We had to get it signed off by our parents or whatever.

You could have eloped to Gretna