Turning something bad into a victory (free lesson thread)

the people who moved out of the ground floor flat in my building left a mattress out the front of the house. now my neighbours on the 1st floor have left a shitty note saying ‘CAN WHOEVER LEFT THE MATTRESS PLEASE HAVE IT COLLECTED!!!’

  • Do nothing
  • Leave a passive aggressive reply note
  • Just call the council and have it collected

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Slice it open, fill it with electrical waste and then call the council to collect.

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N.B. the nieghbours who left the note are the same ones that after a fox got into our bins left a note saying ‘CAN WHOEVER MADE THE MESS PLEASE CLEAN IT UP!!!’


I’d call the council, but also leave a note saying that you have called the council despite it being someone else who dumped the mattress.

would basically be admitting guilt, wouldnt it

booked an online collection, you win this round marckee!!!