Turns out ducks don't like bread


or it makes them ill or something.

Bad that eh




Yeah wtf how is this not more common knowledge? Duolingo this morning was saying the ducks eat bread, was thinking of contacting the fuckers for perpetuating this.


You feed beef burgers to swans.


Find it hard to conceal my contempt for bread-spreaders down at St James’s Park.


I feel bad about all the ducks I’ve given bread over the years. I love ducks as well.


What’s best to give them filth? You’re good with birds.


Saw an old guy with a bag full of baguettes fucking launching bits of them towards the geese at Ally Pally on Sunday. There was real venom in his action.


They do though, the stupid f(d)uckers.


even wholemeal?


Yeah, I’m sure I did it when I was younger too :frowning:




You knew what I meant filth, you knew


Any particular kind? Pumpkin? Mixed? Glad it’s not pine nuts, not in this economical climate.


Yeah I was just insulting ducks. I mean I love them and everything, but they’re fucking thick (but not as thick as geese)


Do you like bread?


Are you trying to summon ttf and his twin thp33?


I guess anything that floats, which is probably all of them really. Protein and fat = good. Carbs = no use.


Lovely stuff. Duck dietician, big fan.


It’s just like junk food, the problem is the rats that the bread attract. I love rats though, will never forget the day I went to put something in the bins outside and saw a big rat bum and two tiny ones sticking out from underneath a bin bag. They thought they were hiding :sob: :heart: