Turns out ducks don't like bread


like “ooohhh, please don’t feed the seagulls bread, it’s bad for them”
I have seen seagulls eat puke, is that better for them? should I feed them human vomit?! #thiscountry


It probably is better for them


Also fuck 'em they’re only seagulls


Aye, give em some bird seed instead.

Also mad into green grapes. Don’t like the red uns.


wonder how many duck lives I have on my hands having grown up near a lake. also, I’ve mentioned it many times before, but a canadian goose once stole my caramac bar


How old were you?


dunno, between 4 and 7 I reckon, fought that goose to get it back but then didn’t want it




@Yesiamaduck - any comment on this state of affairs?


hate it


Case closed