Turns out I was right about donner meat

Donner meat from takeaways is tasteless shite now. Went to a Turkish restaurant last night and the lamb donner meat was really flavoursome like how it’s supposed to taste and how I remember it used to taste from takeaways before something changed.

Mmmmmmmm. Weeks old grey donner meat.

Are you sure you didn’t just burn out all of your tastebuds in an accident, and then they grew back?

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I remember being in Germany and being invited out for a ‘dooooner’. Took me ages to realise they meant a kebab. Best one I’ve ever had by miles.

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Yeah, you’ve nailed it.

Fresher, less greasy, more wholesome etc.


First kebab I ever had was in Germany, and it was AMAZING. I was a bit let down when I started getting them more regularly here.

The best kebab places in the country are all in Manor House. I think if I did ever go back to eating meat I’d go there before anywhere else. I still do from time to time as the veggie/vegan options are great too, particularly this time of year with the veggie stews they do (and in the summer the ezme salad is perfect). Can’t speak highly enough of them restaurants, really cheap, massive portions, friendly staff and tasty food.

This reminds me. Really want to check out Bab on Stevenson Square soon assuming they do veggie options. It’s sort of a Berlin style kebab restaurant.

I live near two excellent kebab shops, I think one won kebab shop of the year. But I don’t think I’ve ever had donner meat.