Woken up by toothache so having a vape and a gin.

Although I might be spacing out I’m really happy these days. I seem to have built a friendship group who genuinely accept me for who I am… Which is a hyperactive mess most of the time. But to have a group of people who are like ‘that’s ok’ is really really reassuring. Makes me less fearful when I wake up in the morning.

Hope you all have wonderful Tuesdays. Love yall a lot xx


Is a vape + gin a jape?


Bit cold today in Melbourne. Summer solstice in a couple of weeks. Classic.

Obviously I’ll take it over heat hell…

The Tesco Metro analogue they opened here keeps discontinuing the items I go to it for, meaning I’ll have to drive to the proper big one. Annoying.

Morning Nocturnal Team!

The Child woke up coughing at 5.30 so I’ve been awake and dressed since then. She went back to sleep by 6.00.

It’s cold but at least isn’t frosty.

M currently eating her cereal out of a mug like we’re students as not had time to wash up yet. Gross

Going to try to clean the while flat between work stuff today.

Bed is cosy, going to lie in it for 15 more minutes until the last possible moment.



I woke from a dream at 4.15am and couldn’t get back to sleep. No Jape for me though (nice one @1101010)

Am juggling work with home schooling today again. A reduction in covid numbers can’t come fast enough.

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Waking up to a slate grey sky every morning now since I can remember is really not putting me in a good mood to deal with wfh when the tv & the teenager are also work/school from home

Having a very hard time dealing with breakfast when the 7yo wants to talk about her Hatchimals advent calendar, the teenager wants me to look at her physics homework and edit her philosophy essay & the tv wants me to help her plan a 3 month product roll out strategy and they’re all talking over each other

Seriously counting down the work days left this year (9 including today) and trying to drag myself over the line

The bairn has now fully embraced waking up at annoying times to shout for me.

Might list him on ebay.


Morning tilty, Theo, keith, Scout, ccb, BITT, shiny and everyone else. Just been to the gym, which I followed with a fairly dirty bacon bap and coffee. It’s a bit healthier than just having a bacon bap, I guess.
Little planned for the morning, then I’m off to the cinema for It’s a Wonderful Life and A Muppet Christmas Carol.


CBAAA (at all)


Morning all.

In bed with a coffee. Can hear the rain belting down outside. Quite good not to have to commute in this. That being said I only went outside to switch the lights on our balcony on yesterday, so been a bit of a shut in.

Flatbread yeah



Already had to deal with the boy fleeing awake for an hour at 3.30, and a meltdown over his advent calendar, so it’s all going well so far.

I need a haircut. And coffee. Probably not in that order though

It’s Funky Friday and also my last day at work until the 18th :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Here’s a rare look at the other side of the path…


This is some fourth wall stuff :exploding_head:


Fig followed us to school this morning (15 mins walk) then on the walk home i was talking to another parent and lost him not far from home. Went home but got worried so went out to look for him and he was sat stern faced at the school gates like an angry mother, he’s literally screamed at me the whole walk back and everyone is staring :see_no_evil:


Toddler up from 130-330 as she’s cutting a molar. She cried on and off throughout the night too so I’m feeling great this morning… Arguably worse for her I guess but she doesn’t have to work now.

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


The authentication login thinger (technical term) has broken, so nobody can log into anything at work.