TV Ads


What with Netflix and magic recording telly boxes I literally NEVER EVER see any TV ads.

I’m surprised they haven’t gone the way of Games Workshop.


Loads of people just sit down and watch whatever they fancy most out of what’s on at the time, like millions of people. TV ads still have a very big reach


I only watch live television


I’ve not had the internet at home for a bit so have actually seen some ads recently.

I have to admit I am enjoying the new McDonalds coffee one a lot.


I still claim to my wife that I like to only watch Live television as I cant retain a perspective on time watching recorded stuff and it feels weird. Just for a laugh.


Yeah. What a bunch of chumps.


The nationwide advert, as has probably been discussed on here at length, might be the worst ad campaign ever created. Ever.


You mean everyone isn’t exactly the same as me?


I’m saying that you’ve lost touch with traditional labour heartlands, yes


WAIT there is one ad I have seen.

Fucking Audi ad with a standard advert-breathy-female-vocal cover of Simon and Garfunkel


I know a 19 year old who only knows Kevin Bacon as ‘the EE man’, didn’t know he was a film actor beforehand. Yep.


I don’t think I know any teenagers that I’m not related to


I know 2 teenagers on a social basis. They’re fine but make me feel old continuously.




I’m going on a list aren’t I


I only really see TV ads when they’re also shown in the cinema.

Every bank advert/building society advert we saw before Moonlight (Nat West, Nationwide and Halifax) made me never want to give them my custom.