TV Chefs who


say the secret is to keep it simple and then produce something of startling complexity made with numerous ingredients.


Tell you who’s bad for this, fucking Nigey Slater. ‘Yeah you can make this with the bits and pieces you’ve got in your cupboard or fridge’.

pulls out truffle oil, quince jelly and caviar


On the other hand, I don’t want it to be too simple (eg Lorraine Pascale levels)


what do you think Anthony Worrall Thompson is up to nowadays?


I like the bits where they mill around a market picking up bits of crap and having a look at it then someone hands them a parcel of ham or something.
I find them instructional.


He was on The Wright Stuff the other day fielding bants about his shoplifting




Sorry guys, I’m talking more the type you see in a pro kitchen or whatever not some common or garden untrained twat telling you how to make tiramisu,


Ah ok, yeah, full-agreement in that case


is he still on about that? jesus change the record, dont see Madeley on about it all the time


God, so much this. Who the hell has those sorts of leftovers?


Keep it simple and use only a few ingredients eg Fennel cooked 9 different ways using equipment you’ve never seen before


Not strictly leftovers.




“just use really fresh, quality ingredients and let them speak for themselves”

fuck off m8, any dickhead can make a £100 slab of beef taste decent. I want to see how to tart up the cheap shitey stuff.


My recollection is that he describes them as such, “left over parmesan in the back of your fridge”, etc. For him these are leftovers because the main bulk of said item went into another recipe he specifically acquired it for.


All out of caviar atm. Will salmon roe do?