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Found out the other day that a third of all female convictions in the UK are because of not paying the licence fee!! Whaaaaaat.

Do you have one?

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If you don’t pay it…

  • Watch stuff on live TV/iPlayer anyway
  • Do not watch this stuff
  • Evening, officer :policeman:‍♂

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I always find those “but look how much you get for your TV licence!!” things on Twitter really irritating. Mate, all I do is watch three shows on iPlayer a year, I don’t think that’s £159 of value really. I would happily pay a lil online sub like Netflix for a few months a year to watch UK Drag Race though.

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I still want confirmation about what happens if you don’t pay it. They used to have those TV Detector Van ads when I was a kid which must have been bollocks. I’ve heard that they will come knocking but unless you let them in they have no way of identifying if you even own a tv let alone watch it, so they have no case.

Last time I brought this topic up on here somebody got all huffy with me and accused me of being a tax dodger and spoke down to me really nastily.

In second year of uni we had loads of letters about it and someone did come to the door being moderately threatening. My then housemate told them they needed a warrant to enter our house. We didn’t even watch stuff online illegally let alone have a TV!

That was before Netflix became so necessary - I don’t understand how they would police it now

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Should just make the tv channels and iPlayer subscription only

Got rid of it because I ended up just watching murder, she wrote reruns all day


Did you think about just paying to watch those series when they are available to download and buy, saving you lots of money?

Yep, worth every penny. In the grand scheme of it all the licence fee isn’t a lot of money, considering the amount of content it provides across a multitude of platforms.


It’s easy money really. I guess women are less likely to threaten the TV licence man with a broom handle when he comes knocking, and more likely to admit to not paying in a court.

Capita, who is contracted to enforce TV licencing in the UK, hires out court rooms when they’ve got enough chumps for it to be profitable. It’s a private prosecution.

If they come knocking and you don’t have one, just tell them to fuck off and threaten them with a broom.

I quite like some of the BBC’s output so I don’t mind paying.

I or my family have been done for not paying the licence fee (anon)

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Didn’t know this was a thing, where would you buy a TV show? (I’m only interested if Drag Race is released on the same day it goes up on iPlayer)

Someone suggested screensharing iPlayer over Zoom - assume that can’t be legal but again, how would you prosecute it??

I don’t pay it and I don’t use it. But my reason for not paying is more because of the my dislike of their news and factual content. I would happily pay it if not for that, because in theory I think the BBC would be a good thing if it wasn’t so full of right wing shites. I probably wouldn’t watch it apart from Drag Race UK and the odd Countryfile if I was paying it though. Should be funded through general taxation imo.


The other week, when Mrs CCB was at work (and had given our youngest instructions as to how to watch Peter Rabbit on iPlayer after lunch), our youngest came up to interrupt my meeting, with a slightly worried look on her face, asking if we had a TV Licence. I’m sure that I knew what a TV Licence at her age (there were always adverts telling people of the consequences of non-payment). Have TV Licensing given up the game these days?

I don’t think they would give a fuck even if they could track that sort of thing down.

Bad thing about the pando is that I can’t watch Drag Race because the first series we had watching parties on my friend’s laptop during work lunch break (and he’s a very upstanding citizen with good hair so expect he definitely paid the fee).

Well this is it yeah, if not for the pando I could just go to my friend’s (or parents’) house and watch it!! Fffffuuuuuckkkkk

I think the vast majority of prosecutions are for people who admitted they didn’t have one then were either unable to pay the fine, or didn’t understand the process. There’s not really any sophistication in trying to trace stuff like that, its just sending threatening letters/sending threatening officers round to any addresses that don’t have one.


If you really did want to pay for just that then you could pay for LogoTV and use a VPN which I did briefly consider but decided not to bother. Didn’t seem ideologically pure, when that goon comes to the door I want to feel righteous when I politely refuse to engage in any discussion and close the door.

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