TV Licence

How do they catch you if you don’t have one?

They send covert operatives into your house overnight to check if you’ve got a telly plugged in. That’s why it costs so much.


They have teams trawling internet forums looking for people who admit or are seeking to avoid paying it.

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Some kind of radar gun on a van or something I think

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100% not this

I’ve been paying for my old flat to have one for over a year. I really am shit at cancelling things.

(please see Tuesday thread and give me advice)

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They come round to see if you have a TV so just throw yours out of the window when you arrive

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Ha I was the same and eventually got around to cancelling it, got about £70 back! :smiley:

Yeah but they don’t really use them, they just assume that if you’re not paying you should be.


Film your microwave cooking something through it’s window and play it on your telly any time anyone knocks on your door unexpectedly, foolproof.

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When you play iPlayer, it asks you if you have a license. If you press no they send round the men with their guns in a van.


Oooh. Let’s hope this happens. Might phone them today.

They merk you if you don’t have a license. My mate’s nan got slotted by Louise Minchen in a dark room under BBC HQ. Soap in a sock. Emily Maitlis looked on and did nothing absolutely nothing.


I forgot to pay mine for ages, and they came round my flat. The guy tailgated someone else in the communal door and then knocked on my door, making me think it was a neighbour or something. I’ve got to give it to him he was a pro.
I was watching the Simpsons at the time, went to answer the door, he had to identify himself, at which point I said I was busy and shut the door and quickly ordered a tv license.
If you don’t want to pay it I would advise you say you don’t have a tv promptly rather than just leave it.

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Increasingly angry sounding letters.


So bloody British.


and well-worded threats.
“Here is what to expect when you go to court for not paying your TV licence…”

just pay it, its £12 a month


do you ever look at something on telly like an episode of planet earth or doctor who or something and think “how is there even enough license payers money to cover all this?”

No I think you’ll find the official response is “How dare they spend my taxpayers money on this?!”