TV License Nonsense (Help)

Help please. This is confusing me. Basically, I paid my TV license for the year, August to August, £154 or whatever. Today we get a letter saying it’s up for renewal…


Yet, when I go in, the renewal is now £25 for six months, then £12 from February.

Why am I paying £150 for a license from August to February, not for August to August again?

I don’t understand. Anyone know why?license2

There’s a very simple explanation

If you made the payment this letter should in theory be void. It appears to be the standard template. Call the tv licence folk and make sure you dont have a direct debit set up and confirm recipt of payment with your reference no. If memory serves theyve always dine direct debits like this with the 2nd half of the year beong less than the first

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