TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime/Apple etc series thread for 2022

New year, new thread for any general TV/streaming service show chat!

I’ve been watching Ghosts and Yonderland recently, both very enjoyable.

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Jimmy Carr’s I Literally Just Told You episode two was very funny


Started watching Work In Progress yesterday. Pretty dark. Pretty funny.

Would definitely like more individual TV threads this year - think quite a few shows would justify them and have enough interest. Started one on Station Eleven with that idea in mind

Do like this general thread too ofc!


Yeah it’s all good, I’m sure people will continue to set up/revive individual threads for the more popular shows

Reservation Dogs is so good, I love it

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Wanted to like it more than I did, haven’t picked it back up to finish it even. Might make sure to do that soon though

Started Friday Night Lights again - gosh it’s good innit.


Started the Tourist last night.

Hot desert nonsense isn’t it. Jamie Dornan, lot of Aussie heat, mystery memories…

On iplayer


Really enjoying this so far. It’s a bit daft in parts but had to drag myself to bed at 2am after binging 3 episodes.


Been going through it recently. A lovely lovely show


Yep, has a good feel about it.

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How far have you got? Also take any thoughts to the HGATR FNL thread!

It’s great ‘stay up with a newborn’ tv. Love it.

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It’s my second rewatch, but on S3e7.

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Not long to go until The Son then :cry:

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Been bingeing The Silent Sea on Netflix. A Korean Sci-Fi mystery thriller thing. It’s very good, even if it does borrow heavily from other stuff (Aliens being the obvious comparison).



Queer Eye Texas time :heart_eyes::star_struck:

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