TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime/Apple etc series thread for 2022

Just a post illustrating how HBO Max shows end up all over the place here, gets very confusing:

Raised by Wolves - Sky
Gossip Girl (reboot) - BBC
Station Eleven - Starzplay
DMZ - ???
Julia - Sky
Tokyo Vice - Starzplay/BBC
The Staircase - Sky
Love Life - BBC
The Flight Attendant - Sky
Generation - ???
Made for Love - ???
Hacks - Amazon Prime
The Sex Lives of College Girls - ITV
And Just Like That - Sky
Peacemaker - Sky
Minx - Paramount+/Comedy Central
Our Flag Means Death - no UK release yet


Yeah I was really confused wanting to start Our Flag Means Death this evening, assumed they’d all be on Now

Think that’s sort of fine though, better than someone striking an exclusive deal and hiving it off for themselves.

Plus they’ll all be cancelled soon anyway.

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hell yeah


Fiona Shaw and Christopher Eccleston :astonished: JFC this might be brilliant.

3rd season was alright and had a satisfying if weirder ending than 1. Still hope that they will fit all the series together in someway since it was hinted at season 3.

Blood Origin: 25th December
Witcher season 3: summer 2023
(saved you a click)

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That’s very promising

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@kiyonemakibi doing good work as always

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BBC have really been dealing out the stinkers recently. Had the misfortune of watching Crossfire at my parents place last week. Absolute turd. Watched the first episode of Inside Man last night which was good for 15 minutes and then quickly jumped the shark. Need to stop watching their shows.

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Yeah their crime / thriller shows are mainly wank. Can’t think of a recent good one off the top of my head. Don’t bother with them at all anymore. It’s just Jed Mercurio-esque toss.

Thought Marriage was absolutely excellent though. Loved it.
Also enjoying Karen Pirie on ITV, above average crime nonsense. Nothing extraordinary but written by Val McDermid, good lead, quite funny in places.

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Am I Being Unreasonable on iplayer is v good I thought

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Oh yeah, they were talking about that one on the radio yesterday. The first tv drama with women in all the key creative roles. Will check it out.

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