TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime/Apple etc series thread for 2022

Have you done Wisting? It’s on iPlayer.

Also I quite like Deadwind on Netflix, third series just came out.

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I think so. Is that the one where someone’s neighbour is found dead sitting in an old armchair?

Definitely haven’t seen Deadwind, will give that a go!

Potentially, I only knew it as the one that starts with the dead body found under a Christmas tree in the snow, that also has a notable guest appearance but I’ve just seen there was a second series last year that I’ve not seen which is up on iPlayer and a third series out this year

Is there a prominent well?

Yeah think so.

I read and watch way too much scandi-noir it is clearly starting to all blur together. Although feel like I could do a rewatch of The Killing as it has been so long. Oh on that note have you seen Chestnut Man on Netflix, adapted from the book written by Søren Sveistrup who was scriptwriter for The Killing, decent enough watch but I thoroughly enjoyed the book when it came out.

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started watching What We Do in the Shadows. It is good and fun and it’s nice seeing Beanie Feldstein pop up.


Yeah that’s my problem too. Cold + murder + immigration/green issue + no nonsense cop …could be any of about 15 shows! I enjoyed Chestnut Man, yeah. Think that was the last one I watched.

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1899 is a bit


so far

Just posting in here to say that Currys have a 6 months’ free Apple TV subscription with certain purchases in their sales (or maybe non-sales too?). I bought a Google Nest speaker for £59 (down from £89), but you could also get a Google Nest Mini speaker for £20, which would be less than what 6 months of Apple TV would cost.

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I clicked the link and it seems to include printer paper. I’ve bought some 1.99 plus postage so I’ll see if I get the 6 months apple…bargain if so!

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Wallander is superb. Been years since I saw it though, not sure if it’s on any of the streaming services…

Quite enjoyed Borden but it’s a bit soapy and didn’t seem to really be going anywhere so I sacked it off after the first season and a half.

Edit: Borgen*. Perhaps a Freudian slip there!

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I’m having fun watching Columbo on freevee.

Watched The Wonder on Netflix tonight. It was very good, but found the ending a little underwhelming. Gorgeously shot though.

Started watching Tokyo Vice on BBC 1 not knowing what it was and it’s really good! Was thinking how well directed it is for a BBC Tuesday night drama and turns out it’s Michael Mann :smiley:


Motherland: totally missed it on the Beeb but catching up now the first couple of seasons moved to Netflix, very funny show about a group of middle class London mums fronted by an increasingly exasperated and frazzled Anna Maxwell-Martin.


I think he only directs the first episode just to say

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Ah well he’s set a great tone. Perfectly captured Tokyo’s vibe.

Finished the first season of Hacks this evening. Thanks to those who recommended it - it’s a joy.


Finally got around to watching We Own This City - four episodes in so far, I don’t think it’s my favourite of Simon’s shorter projects (Show Me a Hero) but it feels like a very well executed Greatest Hits set, and it’s fun seeing people from The Wire pop up again. Only realised from looking at the cast list that one of the cops is Dukie though…

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Three episodes into this. Exactly what I was after, thanks!