TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime/Apple etc series thread for 2023

Had no idea he was in that! One of those films that I’m sure I’ve seen, but maybe not if that doesn’t spring to mind.


Missed that Shadow & Bone S2 dropped on Thursday

Assuming the 28 day viewing figures are key you’ve until 13th April to binge it if you like the show.

Hands up who wants to watch the porn hub doc on Netflix but are scared of what it’ll do to the recommendations.

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I love A Serious Man so much. My fav Coen.

Watched the first episode of Donald Glover’s new show Swarm earlier.

It seems promising so far.


JFC but the Luther film is bad.

Been working our way through S5 of Drive to Survive - simple, brain-off TV really.

Christian Horner is still just an incredible example of ‘the type’ for me. Met so many of these guys in the management/project management sections of companies: they’re either winning at something or they’re smiling through the pain and sniping and snarking at whoever’s winning to try to massage their egos. Obviously this is the job for that and he’s not really alone but Toto Wolf and Mattia Binotto both seem a lot nicer as people.

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Can only improve it if anything

Started watching deadwood

Finding m it really difficult to tune in to the dialogue but it’s good


The guys an absolute prick but he’s tremendous value. Also, a rare example of someone who stabs you in the front not the back.

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Succession, Yellowjackets and Taskmaster all starting in the next week or two :sunglasses:

Looks like Yellowjackets is only on Paramount Plus, annoyingly. You can get that for free if you have Sky Cinema but that’s it, as fair as I can see. Otherwise it’s £6.99 a month. Or wait until the season is all out and get a free 7 day trial and rinse it.

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I disagree, stares you in the eye while reaching round to stab you in the back and then he shows you the knife and explains how if you were alpha enough you’d have been able to stop him.

Unless you’re a big enough fan of Star Trek and Young Indiana Jones (and I am actually in that bracket but crucially not a big enough fan) then Paramount+ is probably a decent thing to pay for a few months to rinse things.

I think he sorts of gets the ludicrous pantomime of it all and relishes that tbh.

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He absolutely makes the series.

I also think that Danny Ricciardo seems held in a ludicrously high esteem given how he’s done over the 5 years and I do wonder if part of why he had a job for so long was this show boosting his popularity. I seem to recall finding out what band his tattoo was referencing and the album was decent post-hardcore stuff if not quite up there with my personal greats.

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Started watching The Glory on Netflix last night. Doesn’t pull any punches in the first episode, looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds. The Koreans do many things well, but revenge sagas are right up there at the very top of the things they do well list.

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