TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime/Apple etc series thread for 2023

Think I saw 2. Quite scandi in tone. Good actingly and suitably depressing!

Prequel seems the same. Good stuff.

I’ve seen the the first film and the two series and the prequel but not the sequel film. According to Wikipedia the TV series occurs between the two original feature films but not sure if that’s both TV series or just the first one.

Wasn’t sure if they would do a spinoff with the female cop from S2. Maybe they’re still thinking about it.

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Confusing! I need to investigate and rewatch the earlier one(s)!

Finished Slow Horses S2 last night. Love it.


This quote

In a 2023 interview with Deadline Hollywood , the original novel’s author Paul Theroux, hoping for a third season that would segue into the events of his novel, praised the series

Wow, so they haven’t even done the actual book yet?

Finished it last night. Early shout for best series of the year

Season 4 of Veronica Mars is actually alright, (certainly better than 3 and the film) and a good conclusion to the whole thing.

They have used an absolute crime of a version of the theme song though.


I never bothered with it. Will give it a go.

Happy Valley.

Pollice person: 'there’s an armed robbery just outside the Police station boss!

Police boss: ‘Let’s see how it pans out; no point getting involved. Could be nothing.’

Journo fella (again): 'Um, what is ‘crime’? What am newspaper? Where am I? Journo want biscuit.

Edit. Also (more whining).

Pharmacist consistently a disorganised, nervous, cowardly prick. Until the husband of the person he just murdered crashes into his car whereupon he suddenly becomes cucumber-cool and dominant?


Can’t believe they actually broke Tommy Lee Royce out of jail. Was convinced that they were actually there to kidnap Ryan or something, all seemed a bit too far-fetched that Tommy would escape. Oh well. Looking forward to the big final Tommy/Catherine/Ryan showdown, I guess.


yep, thought kidnap too, although couldn’t work out why they’d do it…

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Thought Mr Hepworth would die quite early on, but now loving him being an absolute ubertwat to anyone and everyone.


That bit where not sure what show you’re on about but don’t want to click the spoiler just in case. Hope you’re all having a bloody lovely time.


Started watching bad sisters. Tyres from spaced is in the first episode but he’s an old man now


Yes this was also a big takeaway of the show for me.

(That and Anne-Marie Duff’s accent because I feel like I’ve only ever heard her sounding very English.)

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He’s been in a few things recently and it’s made me think in a very real way about my own mortality.


Feel like this will just be going over old ground for UK viewers, but I suppose it’ll be very interesting for those in other countries who aren’t familiar with the story.

Dunno, you have to be pretty old for this to be ‘old ground’. I mean I remember next to nothing about it or even her really and I was 24 in 1999.

That said

I rather imagine it could be interesting but instead of it being about 3 episodes it’ll be 8 episodes long and get really boring.

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