TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime/Apple etc series thread for 2023

Dunno, you have to be pretty old for this to be ‘old ground’. I mean I remember next to nothing about it or even her really and I was 24 in 1999.

That said

I rather imagine it could be interesting but instead of it being about 3 episodes it’ll be 8 episodes long and get really boring.

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they seem to have taken this on board recently, been a few 3/4 episode docs (FIFA, Madoff) that seemed about the right length

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Ah that’s good to hear. Cautiously optimistic then.

I was thinking more about the various documentaries there have been since. There was a big one on BBC One a year or two ago. Don’t feel there’s going to be many new stories in this one.


Ah right fair enough. Wasn’t in the country so didn’t know about those.

I think it’s a bit like the McCann disappearance, where it kinda crops up every now and again and every new strand gets covered extensively in the press. I tried watching the Netflix series about one too but didn’t get very far.

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Not sure I can handle the idea of these two having actual voices and how ‘wrong’ they might be!

March 26th


Is Starz only rebranded as Lionsgate+ outside of the US?

Will probably binge that new season of Party Down using a 7 day free trial.

Yeah I think so

Wow - that one episode of The Bear is so unbelievably stressful. Fantastic stuff.

Marcus’ doughnuts :sob:


rewatched the whole thing last week!

love it so much i bought the t shirt (when drunk and i didn’t remember until it turned up in the post)


That’s a great surprise treat to give yourself Chef!

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* Jeff


We watched the first Extraordinary (on Disney+). It started off maybe a bit too try-hard crude, but then there was a really affecting emotional gut punch towards the end which had us wanting to stick with it.

Máiréad Tylers is great in it too. Maybe too good for this kind of thing.

I started watching The Bear with my folks, they didn’t like it and turned it off after about 5 mins :pensive:

Poker face seems fun