TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime/Apple etc series thread for 2023

Like most Peacock shows it’ll stream in the UK when Sky/Now Tv feel like it I think :frowning:

Seasons 1-2 of Girls5Eva will be on Netflix from 1st February

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Watched the first three episodes of Lockwood & Co this evening. Fun stuff.


Watched the first two episodes last night and loved it.

Piled through the first 5 last night. Fun stuff is absolutely the right term for it.

If you wanted to be harsh, I suppose it slips into being high budget CBBC drama a couple of times with the dialogue, especially early on with the mum in Yaaarksheer.

Haha episode 7 of The Bear haha I think I’m having a panic attack

One of my “fav” episodes of anything I’ve seen in years


Finished lockwood and Co last night. Good stuff.

Now just to wait for the inevitable announcement that Netflix won’t do a season 2.

Happy Valley.

Spat my dummy last night; thought almost every conversation (albeit well acted) had been done 4 or 5 times already. Thought the balance of thriller vs melodrama was way, way off.

Thought any number of plots came off the rails due to the farcical behaviour of the Police, who currently make The Bill look like an elite crime-solving task force.

Looked at Twitter expecting to see other people sharing the opinion, but seemed universally well received. Think this series is just not for me. Funny, cos the previous ones were for me!

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I thought it was a bit dull/filler episode. It didn’t feel super tense? Im ready for the full showdown next week!


When it starts: “hey, how come this one is only twenty minutes?”

15 minutes in: “please end, that printer sound is making me want to die”


Spent the whole time convinced someone was gonna get murdered.


An actual bear breaks through the wall and wreaks havoc.

Watching Lockwood & Co, up to ep 2 and enjoying it so far. It’s pretty creepy and the world is fun. It’s getting 5 stars for playing 3 Bauhaus songs and having a sword fight to A Forest by the Cure though. :smiley:


Very true comment on the article

The first time I hear about most of today’s shows is reading about when they are canceled after the first season. I had no idea this was on.


Also shame, love the book so would have been keen, if it was done well

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That’s a shame. I was particularly looking forward to Three Women just so everyone else can see how amazing Gabrielle Creevy is. I guess you’ll all have to wait a bit longer (or just watch In My Skin on iplayer)

Beginning to think they just make these shows for some kind of tax/budget reason, like how councils all have (had?) to schedule a load of road work stuff in right before April because if they don’t use their budget in the year the government slashes it.

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It’s carnage out there.
I’m really annoyed that this got cancelled, it’s one of the best comedies I’ve seen in ages.
It’s so good it got me over my decades of hating Paul Reiser :man_shrugging:

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