TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime/Apple etc series thread for 2023

someone tried to put it in the “doesn’t exist” thread. boomer moment.

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Massively niche show until Netflix got hold of it, TBF.

…it was huge among my generation.


Ah well, I got the impression it had a big impact in those with access to Sky who liked fantasy/geeky stuff but otherwise it wasn’t that big. Based mainly off who would talk about it on Twitter.

Even so, it felt like it took a long time for it to escape out of the shadow of jokes about ‘the other Avatar’ and so forth in general.

Those jokes were the other way round. Avatar has been massive for yonks before the Cameron film.


The movie absolutely does not exist.

The show was inescapable when I was at school, on account of it being very good.


I am once again inexplicably engaging Theo on something he’s categorically wrong about. Every time, hook line and sinker. Well done.

It used to be on ITV on saturday mornings about 15-20 years ago, before the film came out.

I used to watch it as a 20-something as well.

Oh right fair enough.

@lastdino not trying to annoy you or whatever, my perception was just that it became mainstream. I am very surprised if most people haven’t heard about it now for sure. 10 years ago it seemed much less of the case.

I think it’s gone in waves - pretty big when it was originally broadcast from 2005-08, and then again when the Blu-rays came out in 2018, and then when it went on to streaming services in 2020.

10 years ago would probably have been when it it was in a relative trough of popularity.

That’s practically an apology!


I’m just pointing out that your mistake is one that wasn’t hard to make if you’ve not really been up with pop culture for 20 years.

Yeah it’s true, I did not watch Saturday morning cartoons in my early 30s (apparently it’s 18 years old!) If that means I didn’t keep up with any pop culture then so be it.


Quite enjoyed him in that Florence Foster Jenkins film from a few years back too. Even with BBT’s success (or probably because of it), I do wonder if he’s now doomed to these small bit parts.

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In his defence outside of that garbage sitcom, he is in one of the funniest scenes in A Serious Man


Yeah I mean I feel like Big Bang was forever ago now yet schmucks like me still only see him as that guy, so you’re probably right! That’s the curse of being in any long running show I guess.

Had no idea he was in that! One of those films that I’m sure I’ve seen, but maybe not if that doesn’t spring to mind.