TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime/Apple etc series thread for 2023

that’s cos he’s pish


Define ‘decent parts’ though - I think (whatever one thinks of his acting) between this and The Good Nurse and doing Cabaret at the theatre he’s in a ‘I don’t want to be typecast’ phase

This, a million times this might watch it this weekend


Never seen the film actually. I got the book out on unabridged cassette when I first got access to the adult library section (so I guess when I was about 10 or something) on account of knowing the name and understanding it to be a book people rated. Thought it was really great and it was aided by the fact I’d done no 20th C history really so had no idea de Gaulle was a real guy, meaning as it came to the climax I wasn’t sure if he was going to succeed.

If it’s a short enough series run it could still be quite taut and yet have room to include all the details of the book but I would agree that it’s more likely it’ll be bloated to fuck.

Given how the main character is meant to be a sort of nobody and rarely even has to speak it’s probably a good role for an actor whose not got great range but does a good moody creepy look, which he certainly managed in The Good Nurse. Gonna be whoever is playing the guy trying to catch him who’ll need to have some chops.

I haven’t read the book in 20 years. Do remember that the film is really faithful to the book.

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We got any severance or for all mankind fans? I’m a big fan of both, let’s chat!

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Started watching the War of the Worlds thing Sky/Canal+ did a few years ago with Gabriel Byrne in it (is on Disney) three episodes in & surprisingly v decent, some really tense moments and they have managed to make the Space-what-have-yous genuinely unnerving.

I’ve watched all of Severance, loved it. Think there’s a thread somewhere. I’ve just started For All Mankind, am two episodes in. Seems ok so far but waiting to see where it’ll go from here.

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Started watching Hacks and having a lovely time.


Quite enjoying series 2 of Snabba Cash. It’s like Top Boy meets Dragons Den.

Is Swarm (Prime) good or bad? I don’t know, and I’ve watched it all.

Only seen the first episode and I like the acting, the visuals, the music… but the story setup seems a little bland? A fan that goes “crazy” is a bit tropey, one-dimensional, and it feels like it’s been done many times before. I hope it launches into something more interesting.

I’ve just finished ‘All Mankind’, it was really good. I like a show that’s prepared to kill off key characters.
Edit: I hope that wasn’t a spoiler, it means that there are real moments of jeopardy in the show.


I’ve watched 3 episodes so far and I’m enjoying it but it already feels slightly formulaic.

It looks great as you’d expect but I’m hoping there’s a bit more depth in the last 4 episodes.

Seems really under the radar. I know exacting one person who’s watched it and she’s a massive sci fi buff. I’m just starting season 2,

I’m always super nervous for my astronaut pals!


wonder what makes it quite so expensive - nothing jumps out to me compared to some of the other stuff out there

dunno why i stopped keeping up with TV - so much stuff mentioned here I want to see and I just haven;t bothered with it!