TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime/Apple etc series thread for 2023


Available on Disney+ and starring Jessica Biel as the titular character.

From what I’ve heard they’re both worth skipping.

Really enjoyed Candy

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Ah, remember seeing that pop up, didn’t realize they were the same story.

Really enjoyed Love & Death. Might have liked Candy, but no reason to watch it now.

Yep this was great stuff.

I need this for my car FOP Decal – Rough House


Been watching Inside Man this week. I’d not heard of it, but it’s a Steven Moffat thriller that was apparently broadcast on the BBC last year.

I was a bit surprised to learn of its existence as it has a decent cast, with David Tennant and Stanley Tucci starring.

The acting and production values are generally pretty good, but I’m finding that the plot is pretty ridiculous and I’ve found it hard to get into. Moffat seems to be leaning into the worst excesses of Sherlock, and some of the dialogue is horrendous. I’ve also found bits of it quite unpleasant, in a way that’s difficult to explain.

We’ve been on the fence about whether to push on with it since ep1, but since we’ve only got one left we’ll probably finish it.

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Fucking love this programme

They left out the J!

They clearly knew they were being cancelled because there are ‘what happened next’ credits at the end of the last episode.

I had exactly the same experience about a week ago. It’s rubbish but I binged it :smile:

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ooooh, Cardiac Arrest!

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The first three episodes of Minx S2 are now on Paramount+ in the UK (no idea when the other five will show up!)

It really frustrated me. I could tell Moffatt waa trying to do a sort of Fargo kind of thing - where the absurd and grotesque clashes with mundane life. But he’s so isolated from anything that his idea of everyday and how people acrually act is just a patronising cartoon

(And that Woman on the Wall thing they’re showing on Sundays tries the same tone incidentally and absolutely NAILS it)

Has anyone tried the John Wick spin off show on Amazon?

Really enjoying Domina on now tv. It’s set in Rome not long after Julius Caesar’s assassination but focuses on the female characters (hence the title).
I’ve rewatched the 1st series as it’s was a couple of years ago I saw it (and thought that was it but it seems to have come back for a second series).

Highly recommended for anyone who liked Rome or general GoT plotting and backstabbing.


I see Amazon are going to put ads on Prime unless you pay a couple of quid extra a month.

Think I’ll have the ads.

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First episode was okay, nothing special imo. Could definitely have done without Mel Gibson chewing his scenes up. He seems to be confused into thinking that just because he’s the biggest name in the show he’s in any way important to the John Wick franchise.


I think they are way over estimating how much we care about the ‘world’ of John Wick.

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