TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime/Apple etc series thread for 2023

I think they are way over estimating how much we care about the ‘world’ of John Wick.

Watch the first episode of a thing called The Power on Amazon. A show where teenage girls suddenly develop the power of electricity.

Seemed ok but then as the credits were just about starting it went into a “this season on The Power” and fucking gave away loads of stuff up and coming in the next few episodes. I saw about four plot shifts/developments in 20 seconds as I was trying to find the remote to stop it. Fucked the series for me now. I’ll leave it.

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at three episodes it feels like a weird halfway house between a spinoff film and spinoff miniseries

Amazon must be absolutely skint. Poor Jeff, times are clearly very tough for him


Hopefully some adverts of new shows on Netflix.

Sex Education is just a really lovely show for all the family. My parents are notorious prudes and they’re even into it


I’m halfway through the final season and I know I’m going to be bawling by the end of it. Just really fantastic stuff.


Oh just cried at episode 6 about 10 mins after posting this :sweat_smile:


really enjoyed the book and was interested in this, so a shame its been spoiled for you

Utterly bemuses me why a production would make a choice to do this.

Battlestar Galactica used to start each installment with a 30 second montage of stuff coming up in the episode. Baffling.


i always enjoyed it when Mad Men did the “next week on Mad Men” bit, and just had a load of contextless reaction shots and meaningless snippets of conversations which would then not be in the next episode


It made sense to trail future episodes when the main way it was consumed was weekly broadcasts.

Doesn’t make much sense now we mostly stream stuff - even if you’re uploading one episode a week, it’s only meaningful for that initial release period - you’ve then got years of people watching back-to-back episodes wanting to skip past because they’re about to watch it anyway.

my fav two examples:

  • Skins deliberately editing clips from the next episode to give an entirely fake impression about what stories would be coming up, only for the first few mins of the next episode to completely undermine them (e.g. one preview clip showing Naomi and Cook making out in S3, then the episode basically opens with them doing that, going nah that was weird lets just be friends, and it never being a story topic again). Expert fanbase trolling

  • Arrested Development using the next-time-on section to just make mini-sketches that never appeared again. I used to always skip them to avoid spoilers, then when I realised I had to go back and watch all 40 or so 15-second clips in a row :smiley:


Yeah same, I hate spoilers so I always skipped the Arrested Development ones, at least for most of the seasons until I realized what was going on.

Never knew that about Mad Men. Might have skipped all those too.

Rewatching Another Period and theirs are great too.

Sky/BBC never showed the Mad Men ones, I don’t think, it was something the US network insisted on, but Weiner hated it so made them as obtuse as possible

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Absolutely hate that. When I know a show does that it takes me out of it, as five minutes before the end I find myself there with the remote ready to hit mute asap.

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Just started watching Class Act on Netflix, miniseries about the French businessman Bernard Tapie. It’s good, I think. Vaguely remember him being mentioned in the UK in the 90s.