TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime/Apple etc series thread for 2023

I wonder if that means it’ll be on Disney+ in the UK


I’ve got high hopes for this.

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No one made an Only Murders thread? Shocking

Starting S3 now anyway. Forgot how cringe it can be at times, I’m struggling

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Thought that said Nathan Fillion - short lived excitement

It’s been alright episode 7 was a particular slog though.

Wouldn’t mind rewatching this, at least partially. Unlikely I ever saw all 67 eps.

Just at the end of Season 3 now. Actually think Breaking Bad is quite shit really. Golden age smolden age, TV is much better than this now.


My mum will be beside herself

Absolute garbage, couldn’t make it through the first episode. The inherent problem with trying to make a TV show out of a franchise with minimal dialogue between action set-pieces is that you have to reverse those ratios, and you feel that immediately. It lures you in with a decent-ish action sequence, albeit with zero context, then spends half an hour with people having basil exposition conversations like this:

Character 1: You should come do crimes in New York, you’d be really good at it
Character 2: Why would I do that when there are plenty of criminals HERE IN THE WORLD OF LONDON FINANCE, WHERE I WORK


This looks very good.

It might be good if these series are delayed a little bit, as there’ll probs be a bit of a drought next year after the strikes.

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Started watching Dead Ringers and Wilderness on Amazon.

Both seem ok so far. I’ll keep you guys informed on how it’s going. Brilliant posting from me here.


more Jodie Foster is good

Final episode of Reservation Dogs was lovely. TV is a bit shitter now it’s gone. :frowning:

Rewatching this on a friend’s recommendation and it’s nonsense, but it’s quite entertaining nonsense. Although like almost any spinoff show, it would probably have been better if it wasn’t bolted onto existing IP. It’s at its most fun when they try to emulate the action and lighting beats of the movies, which it does so with mixed success

Started Gen V it’s alright but the best bit is the Deep being number 6 rank superhero, fucking did me

Enjoyed watching Juice on iPlayer over the weekend. Pleasantly surreal in parts and a refreshing take on queer romance, even if I didnt entirely buy into the relationship at the centre of it (Not to be too harsh but Russell Tovey is really quite one note in everything isn’t he?)

I can’t think of another actor who’s quite so “playing the same character they always do” as him. Not necessarily even in a bad way, just…there.

Might be a thread in that

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Leave Russell Tovey alone you bastard


He’s very handsome, I am not a total monster.