TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime/Apple etc series thread for 2024

It probably is hard as well to come up with another acclaimed TV show, no wonder she’s just thought ‘fuck it, I’ll take the occasional acting job/script doctor work in franchise fare instead’


yeah I’d probably do the same, tbf

Didn’t Amazon give her a million quid development deal straight after Fleabag and then she did bugger all.

This is probably them trying to claw some of the money back.


Didn’t she leave Mr & Mrs Smith because she struggled to adapt to the US writers room process? Will be curious to see if she’s managed to gain more control?


I thought it was funny! Very, very daft, but I laughed a few times. Sunday evening sort of thing.

Not really feeling this series of Blue Lights. It’s been OK but seems to have lost a lot of what made it unique and has become more of a standard police drama. A couple of the sub-plots are really tiresome.

I get the feeling that the BBC are dead set on turning it into the next Line of Duty.

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Binged this three-part doc on the reality show There’s Something About Miriam and its star Miriam Rivera. The show was a dating show where a group of men battled it out to win over Miriam, and at the end of the show it was revealed that she was transgender. This being 2003, it was dealt with as you would imagine. It’s very upsetting in parts, particularly when you hear from Miriam’s family, and the point-black refusal to accept responsibility from some of the people involved in the programme.

They killed off the best character, and wrapped up lots of loose ends at the end of S1, so where they went from there was always going to be hard.

I would say that Stevie is the best character, but yeah fair points.

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Started watching bodkin, quite enjoying it

Swear there was a bbc series on I player in the last year or so about an apocalypse set in wales that was supposed to be good, but all I can find is Henpocalypse which is definitely not it. Any ideas?

The Michael Sheen thing?

I dunno

What was that?

Yeah that must be it. Watch it? Any good?