TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime etc series thread for 2021



Best proggy of Lockdown#1 IMHO


So excited for this.

Is Grayson gonna say it’s a good thing that loads of artists are skint on tv as well as in interviews :grinning:


finished this last night. was very good. at first i was like “oh what’s ‘’? some new streaming service?”

a second series should spend a bit more time making the tasks more varied. tasks where contestants just have to ride a big chicken is still a great task though.

the contestants talk about things (addiction in sex work) i’ve not seen contestants on a reality show talk about so that’s great.

I can see it being sold to netflix for future series.

I want some of the daddy merch.

the cockbusters are so good, everything they do is amazing. love that they explain tasks while doing over the top blowjob actions and stuff. makes me laugh every time.

The Great has started on All4, released weekly but that’s cool. I thought the first episode was excellent.

Really made me want to rewatch The Favourite too which is obviously a superb shout


What’s your username Regé-Jean? Reveal yourself.


He’s got a pretty good smoulder I’ll give you that

Married at First Sight has loads of single people apply to be matched with a partner who has been chosen for them by “experts.” It is very different depending on the country’s version. The UK one is very calm and low key, the Aussie one is pure reality tv drama. I would start with series 4 and continue to 5 and 6 from there. 6 is full of horrible behaviour from loads of couples.


Aussie one. They should be on 4od or whatever it’s called

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Great shows:

The Bridge - Scandi Noir (iplayer)

Back to Life - Dark UK Comedy drama (iplayer)

Dave - US comedy about an upcoming rapper with a weird dick (iplayer)

Nathan for You - US comedy/mockumentary thing

How To With John Wilson - US Humorous video diary

Dark - German time loop drama (Netflix)

The Staircase - True Crime documentary (Netflix)

Have you seen Unorthodox (on Netflix)


Oh yeah! Great show, would have loved more episodes

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It’s happening then

Honestly think it makes sense to kill Samantha off if Catrall won’t be in it.

Tempted to give this new Trailer Park Boys season a watch this evening out of sheer boredom, but lost its magic a long, long time ago and some of the key cast members are no longer with us.

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Watched The serpent over the weekend, pretty good but not amazing. Quite interesting and liked the clothes and music.

Jumped about the timeline a bit too much.

YES! I’m happy about this

Been watching The Flight Attendant.

Is an absolutely barmy thriller murder thing. Has lots of people who you recognise off stuff (girl from Girls, man from game of thrones, girl from various things like big bang theory, woman from Dr who and green wing doing her evil Scottish act) and a lot of sex and drinking.

Big fan. Recommend.

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Have you watched Sex Education and Scream Queens?

Not sure what your vibe is but if you are alright with musicals then Crazy Ex Girlfriend is very good

Oh, Derry Girls is great as well

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