TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime etc series thread for 2021

I didn’t know, u git. I didn’t know :sob:

his new show just started any way - Ultra City Smiths

got a bunch of the patriot/perpetual grace super friends: dennis; lesley; mcpoyle; patriot’s dad john from lost; dewey crowe. also tim heidecker and john c reilly and tom waits and alia shawkat. also it’s stop motion for some reason. we can all watch it together and be disappointed together when it inevitably gets cancelled.

also for true patriot dorks only- he’s doing a podcast that’s supposedly an audiobook reading of that text book that lesley wrote, ‘the integral structures of the principal dynamics of flow’ it’s half self help book, half autobiography of his life and cocaine addiction, half flam-fastened-pan traps-to-the-maiden-apexes-of-the-jim-joints nonsense engineering word runs.

I love it, it’s very relaxing, it’s nice to hear lesley, he’s one the best fictional guys.

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Is there any info on UK access? I’ve not seen anything beyond the first episode.bejng on adult swim YouTube.

So I just watched the Bo Burnham special Inside on Netflix and my god it’s absolutely brilliant.


It’s absolutely brilliant.

Finished the 3rd season earlier this week and was gutted to discover that there won’t be anymore.

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Is there anything worth watching on Apple TV (other than Ted Lasso)? Got a free trial

Of the things we’ve watched…

The Morning Show starts off weak but gets better and better as the series progresses. The last couple of episodes are fantastic. Good enough that I’m really looking forward to the second series later in the year.

Mythic Quest also stumbles a touch at the beginning but settles in to being a very fun comedy with a likeable cast of characters.

For All Mankind is a decent first series and a really great second that manages to pretty deftly manage loads of characters and storylines at once. Great effects too - that sweet Apple money is up there on the screen.

Been meaning to watch the Beastie Boys film but keep failing to get around to it.


Yeah, for all mankind is deffo worth a watch.

If you read the book, the beastie boys thing is just them in stage repeating what’s in that basically. It’s ok.


The Morning Show and Defending Jacob are both great.

For all mankind is one of the best shows in years.
A alternate history we’re Russia got to the moon first and what happens at NASA as a result.

Mythic quest, Ravens banquet.
A show about people working on a computer game. The first 2 EPs are clunky and not great. Then its brilliant from there on

Agreed with the above, especially Mythic Quest. I wasn’t totally sold at first, but by the end of the first season it’s absolutely brilliant.

Home Before Dark is a fun mystery thing, looks like it might be a kids show but it isn’t.

Losing Alice is a slightly weird, tense Israeli drama about a director & her actor husband and the strains on their lives that happen when she hires a young actress for a film they’re making together, well worth watching.

Central Park is a fun musical animation by the peoe behind Bob’s Burgers


I started The Leftovers last night!

My random notes

  • I knew Justin Theroux was in it, but I didn’t realise almost everyone else in the planet was. Kept going “oh hey it’s Margaret Qualley,” “oh hey it’s Carrie Coon,” “oh hey it’s Johnson… FRONKFORT”

  • I thought I knew what the premise was going to be, but this does it more interestingly than I’d thought. For some reason, I’d thought the rapture basically swept up the whole population except for the main characters - in a sort of Lost situation… buuuut the fact that it’s about wider society and how it functions after this strange event strikes me as really interesting (so it reminded me more of the other Lindelof thing I’ve watched, Watchmen)

  • Speaking of Watchmen, this seemed to have a bit of that same weird absurd satire to it. That cult of chain smokers (?) reminded me of something out of a Pynchon novel


I think you’ll love this, especially from S2


Yeah, I hear it gets really good once it’s free from adapting source material

thanks everyone for the helpful replies.
For All Mankind is well up my street I love anything to do with space and the trailer looks mint so will check it out for sure.


Started watching Ted Lasso properly. Ben from I’m Alan Partridge’s hair is magnificent.


No thanks.

Just another shout for HOME on Apple TV. Building porn along the lines of Chef’s Table. Think it’s made by at least some of the same people.

Rewatching Nighty Night. It’s so fucking vile but yeah, very funny.


I assume you’ve also seen Hunderby and Camping? I think Hunderby was my favourite, right up my alley.

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