TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime etc series thread for 2021

I’m surprised Russell has been barely used this series, I quite like him

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Started zero zero zero tonight.

Finally reached the point in my life where I’ve decided to watch all of Riverdale. 5 episodes in. This is insane. WTF


Re-watching Parks and Rec. I kinda want to jump to the episodes with Ben, 'cause he’s the best


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just finished watching Cheer. cried about 8 times. well good.

Cheer was filmed in front of a live stoodio audience.


The highly acclaimed Ramy finally makes it to freeview in the UK, it starts on Channel 4 tonight


Oh, I saw the end of an episode of this at about 3am today, before the cricket

Looked quite interesting tbf

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Literally cheered at my laptop when he came on screen

We loved it!

Man if you think season 1 is absurd, just fucking wait.

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trying to watch the investigation but look how enormous BBC have made the iplayer subtitles with no option to change the size, feel like i’m reading a kid’s book

Yeah, pretty ridiculous

Didn’t notice it on the telly box. Only seen one so far, reckon it’s going to be decent.

Yeah seems fine. Doesnt seem like the netflix doc is ever going to come out so it’ll do.

I started season 3 last month. Making me v suspicious of the board D&D players, let me tell you that.

Zerozerozero is very good. Must have cost a fortune to make.

Absentia went much darker towards the end of the series. Pretty good stuff. Not doing anything groundbreaking, but doing it well.