TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime etc series thread for 2021

Yes. They’re different but very good. Best sci-fi series I’ve read on a very long time.


loving the series more and more, proper slow burner. can imagine a lot of people stopped watching in the first season cos it’s quite dense


I think so, and it’s a shame because it’s one of the best shows in years, and the best sci-fi show in decades.

Binged the second season of The Rap Game UK on BBC Three/iPlayer. Very easy watch, loads of super talented kids hungry for a shot and some absolutely crazy word skills. Worth it for anyone who’s remotely interested in rap/grime/etc.

This show was awesome. As is the book. And her other books!

Been a long time since I watched S1 but I always felt like it was a little ropey, like getting The Gang together felt kinda awkward and they didn’t seem to quite fit together. Definitely hits its stride in S2 though and S3 is equally brilliant, S4’s a bit meh but S5 is back to its best.

Still think Dark’s a better show though in terms of sci-fi shows of the last decade @UncleRetrospective


he’s a tall drink of water alright :heart_eyes:


Anyone watched Lupin? Any good?

Almost put it on, but decided to watch shaun of the dead instead. Sorry

Really enjoying Pretend It’s A City with Fran Leibovitz on Netflix. Just chose it on a whim the other night because it looked to be about New York, I hadn’t ever heard of her before. She’s bloody great! Grumpy and funny in equal measure. Most of it is Martin Scorsese interviewing her in one form or another and it’s almost good enough just watching him crease up as much as it is enjoying her.

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Wasn’t expecting to like Mr Robot season 2 as much as I did given it’s widely considered to be the weakest season. Could have done with a bit more hacking stuff though.

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My memory of it is a bit weird given how far apart some of the seasons were, but it is a really really good show looking back. I liked it more the further it moved away from the bro-hacker-tech-genius stuff it was flirting with in S1 - and the ending is up there with the very best of the Golden Age dramas

We just finished Outcry, a documentary about a promising high school athlete jailed for the sexual abuse of a 4 year old in Texas.

Without giving anything away, this was a hell of a story. We got through it in two nights. I was hesitant due to the subject but it is dealt with with sensitivity and the crime isn’t so much the focus of the documentary.

Most of the way through episode 1 and I’m hooked.

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Fantastic doc. We also tore through it.

poor kid was meant to have his debut football year at whatever uni he got to this year but I’d imagine it was postponed due to covid. He seems to be doing alright though

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Is it on netflix?

NowTv as part Sky’s crime channel

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