TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime etc series thread for 2021

Is Futurama not on it?

dunno… that is taken from Disney, not sure if it varies by country… or if its coming later

Futurama is on Prime

Yeah, I just thought I’d seen it was going to Disney. Don’t know why I’m fussed, I only ever rewatch the Office US anyway.

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yeah it is

was hoping party down would be on there but it turns out star and starz are different things

I’m gonna finally get around to watching Atlanta

Then just binge all the terrible action movies on there and the 30 for 30 docs

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We’ll be watching Love, Victor.

From that list, my picks would be (if you haven’t already seen them):

Atlanta, Buffy, Firefly, X-Files, Boys Don’t Cry, Bulworth, Con Air, Ed Wood, Enemy Of The State, Enough Said, The Favourite, The Fly, French Connection (& II), Grosse Point Blank, High Fidelity, Margaret, MASH, Miller’s Crossing, Office Space, One Our Photo, Planet of The Apes, Quiz Show, Ravenous, Romancing The Stone, Rushmore, Ruthless People, Solaris, Starship Troopers, Stoker, Summer Of Sam, The War Of The Roses, White Men Can’t Jump, Romeo + Juliet, Working Girl.

I don’t know how comprehensive that list is for the UK though. I thought that I’d seen a few other things mentioned as launch titles too.

They’ll also be adding loads of further titles as rights agreements expire and they can bring them back in house. Thankfully, Disney+ has a filter for ‘newly added’ unlike Netflix.

i can recommend the “best” 30 for 30s if you’d like.

To be honest, the first couple of series are pretty much all very strong! There are some standouts though…

(Atlanta is f’ing amazing.)


Looking forward to starting that tonight. For some reason, I didn’t think the idea could really be that good - but I was proven wrong by many things throughout the first series.

Thanks, but I’ve seen most of them before, I’ve got the first lot on dvd, but it’s region one and my multi region player doesn’t work any more. So I’m looking forward to rewatching them again

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I thought it was great. Really good.

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Looking forward to watching more episodes later, might watch episode 3 again partly to recap, partly because it was so good.

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Well, the “reboot” thing continues apace then…

I mean, I really like Frasier, but is this necessary?

If frasier is still getting tons of dates with unfeasibly attractive and younger women, I might turn off pretty quick.

Then again, Niles and Marty…oh god, just remembered the actor died a while back :frowning:

Nah, I’m out…


cAm WiNsToN

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Watched Office Space for the first time in about 7 years last night. So good


What a great film.

The scene right at the beginning where he’s on the way to work and spitting rap rhymes hard to his radio, then a black guy comes near his car so he winds up the window?!

Got to be THE most on the nose moment in film history?! :rofl::clap:

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Going to be weird if this ends up being a single cam sitcom.

Give me my live studio audience.

I just watched it on YouTube, he starts singing quieter as the guy walks past his car, and stops just at the moment the song has the N word in it! Genius! :clap: