TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime etc series thread for 2021

Just finished the second season of Dark and I’m absolutely loving it. Wasn’t there a thread for that on here? Can’t seem to find it.


Woah. The first episode of Invincible was excellent!

Brutal ending. Jeez. Hard to imagine the rest topping that but will be fun to find out


S3 of Shtisel is wonderful and I don’t want it to end.

If anyone hasn’t watched Shtisel yet please do!

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I don’t think so, I think we just discussed it in this thread?

Dark is great!

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More than any other show I needed people to be wearing name badges at all times

start a dark thread!

For all mankind is the best think on TV right now :open_mouth:
I’m a little worried about the American exceptionalism that’s starting to creep in and I’m hoping that it’s something the writers are leaning into because it’s set in the 80’s.


I don’t really want to till I’ve seen it all, was kinda hoping there was an old one so I could go back and see what people were saying after season two!

Watched the first episode last night having seen it mentioned here - seems good, I’ll go back for more.

they’re making a TV adaptation of The Sympathizer


that’s a lot of good names in one place

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I’ve watched 3 episodes of Invincible now and I can’t work out if it’s intentionally meant to be a bit shit or what. I’ve heard such good things about it but it just seems like another version of ‘what if superheroes but bad’ done not very well.

I think it’s great.

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Really hope this picks up on the potential of the first season. Not sold on the trailer but still optimistic.

We’ve done the first 5 episodes of the irregulars.

It’s a but ropey in places, but it’s cracking on and has an interesting ongoing story. The sort of thing where in the past you’d be looking forward to season 2 ironing out some of the issues and really cracking on I. E. Black Sails, the expanse.

Watching The Terror (series one) on iplayer - really good, best telly I’ve seen in a while