TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime etc series thread for 2021

just finished the book at the weekend, very excited for this

I’m curious about it but the premise of “relatable millennial in their 20s and the modern day struggles of living in London” always bums me out on paper as a thoroughly disappointing late 20s single man living at home in the Midlands

This is why I loved This Country so much eh

Anyway I started watching Queens Gambit and it’s rlly good


I really enjoyed For All Mankind. Massive spoilers: I agree with your comments and also found the storylines a bit frustrating in season 2. Karen having sex with her son’s friend / Tracy and Gordo’s son was unnecessary and weird and annoyed me. Overall, I’m really into it though and also looking forward to s3.


Has anyone watched Marvellous Mrs. Maisel? If you’re looking for something lighthearted and a bit silly it’s pretty good. It has strong ‘am dram’ vibes and is trying to be a bit Wes Anderson-esque in places and as awful as that sounds it is actually part of its charm. It’s pretty funny and I find myself rooting for the characters.

Loved the first series then I think it was a bit of diminishing returns after that

I liked season 2 at the Catskills!

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Just watched that art heist thing on Netflix. Quite good but an unsatisfactory ending

If her husband wasn’t in it I would enjoy it a lot more. Gave up after s2

don’t bother watching Baby Surgeons on channel4, completely misadvertised.


Loved the first season but drifted off at the end of the second (third? Forgot how far along it is).

Assume you’re also a Gilmore Girls fan, same writer / creator so very close tone / style.

started watching this, love it

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Netflix’s keep flinging new stuff at the wall to see what sticks content strategy is pretty wearing isn’t it?

Irregulars was by no means brilliant but it was an interesting premise, with some good world building done.

I have been meaning to watch this for ages, but haven’t got round to it (so I guess I am part of the problem). Does the first (only) series have a proper ending, or is it all left dangling?

Enjoying Starstruck

Good to see Alice Snedden showing up in e3, nice little treat for us boners fans

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Should have said ‘nice little bonus for us boners fans’ ffs
Will never get that opportunity again


Halfway through Invincible. It’s fine… would prefer tighter 30 min episodes I think, and the animation doesn’t quite match the Saturday morning cartoon vibe they’re going for. I feel like I can predict what’s coming but everyone has raved about the ending, so will reserve judgement until then.

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Needless, but that’s good casting

agree with you on this massively. the last episode was definitely the best episode but i felt it was pretty average overall.