TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime etc thread for 2020

I thought we should have one general thread covering any TV/Netflix etc shows we want to talk about (unless they have their own thread already like Bojack, Rick and Morty, Succession etc), if that sounds OK?




Good idea. Might be worth asking a mod to lock the Netflix and General TV threads (and post a link to this new thread at the end)

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@moderators - can you sort this? Thanks

Might start this on nowtv (altho aidan gillen … )

We started in on Top Boy. So late to this party but it is great.

The Crown S3 felt like it wanted another episode to round things off TBH. I guess they wanted to start S4 with Thatcher. I’m a bit concerned how much they’ll try to humanise the awful git, though.

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I really enjoyed Don’t Fuck With Cats


Yeah the subject matter and title put me off but we enjoyed it too. Potentially problematic to make a show about it, but they did try to address it (somewhat) at the end.

That bit was weird tbh. Massively trying to spread the blame across many, many people when really a small number of people were actually responsible for sort of egging him on, and causing the suicide of someone else. Nah, not working on me girl.

Watching the TST on netflix.

The stranger things?

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T’hail Sa Tan

Things I am looking forward to in 2020:

Season 2 of The Politician (N)
Season 3 of Mindhunter (N)
Season 5 of The Expanse (A)
Season 4 of the Crown (N)
Season 3 of Jack Ryan (A)

Have they cancelled it?

Just wont be anytime soon by the sound of it

Uhhh shit. That’s rubbish. Booo

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Yeah I think there’s an interesting point to be made about why viewers seek to be presented with horrible people and their crimes in-depth, but tacking that on to the end makes it a punchline rather than a genuine attempt to encourage introspection.

Great doc though, really want to watch something else that will scratch the same itch. Yesterday I went for Tickled which nearly did the job!

Enjoyed the first Ep of Dracula. Fun wunnit?

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