TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime etc thread for 2020

Rewatching misfits on netflix, forgot how much I loved that show (up until the 2nd or 3rd season, whichever ones nathan was in)


I found the first episode so shrill and chaotic that I just couldn’t. Definitely a well made show but not for me.

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Close Enough on Netflix, I really like. Worth checking out if you like Regular Show (same creator and it has a similar spirit to it, there’s a nice warmth to it that sets it apart from a lot of adult animation). I’d say the first 10 min episode (there’s two episodes per listed episode if that makes sense) wasn’t up to much but every one since that has been really fun. Can’t wait for another season

Up to this now. Incredible. Shark = jumped.

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Agreed, this was much better than I thought it would be. Would have liked if it was longer.

Felt more complex than a lot of similar true crime adaptations. Lots of interesting stuff going on, and surprisingly tasteful. I think it could have gotten away with being a bit gnarlier, but it’s fine leaving that stuff out.

We are watching and enjoying this. Definitely scratches that Island/Race Across the World itch a bit.

It is very amusing how coldly most of the teams treat Bear. He gets blanked in about 50% of their interactions.


I said this to my mate, they all seem to detest him, it’s wonderful

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The second series of Ghosts is up in full on iPlayer. Figured it was going to be shelved with the pandemic so that’s an exciting surprise.

Going to have to try and not watch it all tonight.

Pat :heart:

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Quite liked enola holmes

Finished the second series of Ghosts already :cry:

Fortunately it has pretty good rewatch value so I can do both series again in a few months.

A third series was announced along with the second - fingers crossed it doesn’t end up being a COVID cancellation. Really wish the show would continue forever. Maybe switch up the location every few series to have new ghosts.

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Just watched this myself. I didnt have high hopes but I really enjoyed it.

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I’m intrigued

Peaky Blinders: Munich

Same was good fun

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Should have called it Black Maß

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Is it dubbed? the cast seems pretty German, but they’ve all got brummie accents

Yeah looks to be, it’s a German production. Hopefully they’ll have a subs option.

I resent my home town folks being given brummie accents!

Definitely does have subs - when I view the trailer it comes up with subs (think it’s based on what other programmes you’ve watched, whether Netflix thinks you’d prefer a dubbed or subbed trailer)