TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime etc thread for 2020

Farewell Quibi, we hardly knew you

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Been watching eden: paradise lost on all4. Never really had intended to but the spectre of it hangs over every reality tv show not wanting to be ‘the next eden’ that I finally wanted to see what the fuss is about. What a bunch of absolute twats eh lol.


Mrs wanted to watch Haunting of Bly Manor, I was skeptical given reviews, but loved Hill House so we dove in. Normally if we start something we will finish it. Let’s just say I faked heartburn on episode 3, complained of stomach pain on episode 4, and eventually she caved and we moved on without finishing. Atrocious, couldn’t get over how bad the accents were, and the over the top bad acting of Dani.

Absolute zero redeeming qualities, do not recommend.

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It’s so weird to hear people hating this so much. I absolutely loved it, thought it was one of the best things I’d seen in years. Yeah the accents were definitely bad, but once I accepted that, I thought it was great.

Definitely only partially a horror series, but great at what it actually was.

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To each their own man. Thought it was an absolute slog. Maybe if episodes were cut by twenty minutes or so, just cringed when I’d see 58 minutes, 55 minutes after two or whatever. Didn’t like it but I’m glad you did.

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Never got to see the golden arm show :((


Been enjoying the OTT silliness of Norwegian series Occupied.

It’s big time political fun where the Russians are the bad guys. And also the EU.

(Also note it does have both English subtitle options but defaults to the hard of hearing ones that mention every noise made rather than just doing dialogue.)

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I just about made it through Hill House, so def steering clear + have so much other stuff to catch up with.

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half way through Ratched at the moment, it’s alright, keeping me entertained and can’t really guess where they are heading just yet

the gore is pretty cool though


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I am always hoping for reality shows to be the next Eden. I honestly think about the final episode of this about once a week. The total and utter failure is astounding. An iconic entry in the ‘appear to have completely forgotten that this will be televised’ pantheon, especially the meat eating sexists.


Has Netflix’s TV output the last year or so been pretty pants? Feel like I barely watch anything on there atm, would be considerin jacking it in if I was having to pay for an individual account.

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Agreed but, I think the film offering has got better. They have definitely missed having something over the summer this year. Narcos came out in February and that has been it for good serial television this year for me.

There’s a pandemic that’s stopped production on loads of stuff to be fair

Watched ten minutes of the Katherine Ryan thing. Don’t know if I am getting old or is it just coarse and a bit deliberately annoying?

Really not a fan of Katherine Ryan. Her shtick on panel shows is to be deliberately contrary and annoying so I’m not surprised her sitcom is the same.

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Could be a factor, dunno how timelines work and how far in advance of release stuff gets completed (got the sense the knock on effects were gonna be more in the future but idk) Either way, I’ve noticed it further back than covid tbh.

Think Netflix stated that the Pandemic was not going to impact what they were putting out this year at all. They though it would be a problem next year. Guessing Stranger Things is the biggest example.

Mind Hunter and glow would’ve been ready by now i think

Thought they’d put Mindhunter on hold indefinitely? Would love another season