TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime etc thread for 2020

Is there a thread just for Russian Doll? We just binged it in 2 nights, and then watched a 45-minute youtube video about it, and I’ve now read many* articles about the ending. Found the first episode intensely irritating, but it’s pretty much my favourite show since Hill House now (at least), and the first ep is so much better once you have more context.

Hope they have a good arc for it and it doesn’t accidentally Good Place itself…



Watched it all apart from the last episode, which I slept through.

Fuck it, gonna watch it

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It’s great eh

No idea where they go for a second season, it seemed pretty self-contained

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It’s very good (and I liked having a song by Love at the end of the series) though not sure further seasons are a good idea


That’s been my exact reaction to those two episodes—the only two I’ve seen so far.

I can’t imagine anyone finding that fire episode interesting in ANY way

Adding to list

My post got too long so I turned it into a thread (@dktrfaustus you should obviously watch the last episode)

Enjoying ‘School Nurse Files’ a Korean series about a woman who sees ectoplasm jellies everywhere and fights monsters with a light up toy sword.


Two episodes in, incredible stuff. Perfect background TV to have on while I’m working, kinda surprised it tanked so badly given it’s basically Shipwrecked meets Lord of the Flies.

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Watched Borat it’s fine. Something has changed a bit since the original is that I’m not that arsed about him going after to members of public, yes we know how the public react to the situations now so it just isn’t that interesting or shocking anymore there is a really interesting film to be made out of being recognised as being Borat but, it isn’t this one. The bits with Giuliani are basically all that it is worth watching if you haven’t already seen them.

Can not wait

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Wow meaning didn’t get enough viewers for the money put in to episodes? Thought it was great So many other serial killers to dive into in future years Gacy, Ramirez, Bundy. Damn hope it comes back at some point.

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Yeah the format works so well and it should have be feasible to carry it on. Really gutted about this. Wonder if they couldn’t tie down the cast indefinitely.

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Slightly twisting the knife there implying they had their budget cut for s2 and would have done again for 3. I mean just fincher and charlize theron aint gonna come cheap. A pretty standard practice though sadly.

They should raise some money with merchandise. I’d buy a Bill Tench wig.