TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime etc thread for 2020

It’s a fair point. Wonder what happens in the book

I didn’t realise it was a book - since the show relied so heavily on style it would be interesting to see how the book compares

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Also wrote the colour of money and others

and The Hustler and The Man Who Fell to Earth

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Just finished up 2 things that I don’t remember getting much talk on here:

High Fidelity.
The slightly troubled 30’ish single person in NYC looking for love is a pretty worn track, but I really liked it. Funny, honest and Shazam’d a fair few tracks from the soundtrack. 7.5/10

Little Drummer Girl
PCW is one of my favourite directors and felt he was spread a bit too thin here. There are some of his usual visual flourishes with really solid acting and story built around it. 6.5/10

I’ve enjoyed Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun on Netflix, How To with John Wilson on HBO Max and Truthseekers on Prime.

See I liked it because you just wanted her to win and be awesome and I loved that she kind if went back to where it all started in a way.

Also, those costumes. Dressing LIKE a chess board. So cool.


Whole lotta dicks and inventive cinematography in Euphoria.

Recommended for anyone who likes Sex Education. Very similar in many ways, but with some of the fluffy elements roughed up a tad more.

That Dolly Parton Christmas special is now on Netflix


Are we doing a @filmclubbers ??


So annoyed it was cancelled

Make it happen slicky

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Good afternoon Pop Pickers

I’m currently on third season of Vikings, this program gets better with each season. The first season is okay, but from season 2 we are up and running. So far the third season is continuing that trend.

Now the Trump Fanfare is currently and thankfully in decline, I’ve started to watch Trump: An American Dream. Straight out the blocks it’s excellent. The number one New York gargoyle.

Just finished ted lasso. It was alright but probably not worth the hype it got in some circles. Very heartwarming in places but I didnt really laugh that much, kinda like scrubs for football

Watching dash and lily, nice bit of ephemeral Netflix fluff

That second Small Axe film was very very good. More or less plot-free as well. More telly without plots please.

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Yup, so good

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started watching queens gambit, 2 episodes in.

seems like it’s basically a young adult version of dahl’s Matilda?

it’s fine, not earth shattering but very watchable.

Watched the latest episode of The Undoing. Enjoyed it.

No spoilers but I will say that I continue to really like the coats that Nicole Kidman wears but don’t like her singing in the opening credits.

Interested in what you think of the Expanse. Struggled with the characters by about Episode 3, whereas I totally bought into BSG from start to end (including the end).