TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime etc thread for 2020

Loved Tiger King and found the ending to be actually rather melancholic. Glad that they ended up highlighting (even albeit briefly) that it was the animals that were the victims in this whole wild debacle. Felt really bad for Saff, John Reinke and Erik Cowie, they mostly seemed like good eggs.


Some bonus Tiger King facts:

Inexplicably watched all of this

FYI The Louis Theroux episode about Americans with dangerous animals at home features Jo Exotic and a few other people from Tiger King

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It wasn’t very good, though the end of that penultimate episode was really bloody dark

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When it first started I set a reminder on my recorder.

Ended up hate watching it each week. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything with such one note horrendously unfunny characters. It’s so deliberately and desperately unpleasant that I think that I’m the victim of some kind of social experiment.

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If you get MUBI, I’d hugely recommend Primer which was added today.

It’s an incredible low budget time-travel film. It’s complicated and weird, and I had to watch it 3 times before I fully got it, but it’s only 90 minutes & there are some amazing graphs and diagrams online that explain it!

I’d recommend watching it cold first, then going and reading stuff, then watching it again. I haven’t seen it in about 10 years but it left a huge impact on me.


Started watching Seinfeld on All 4. There are so many adverts.

good afternoon law-abiding television watching friends. a friend of mine was wanting to watch something on US tv this weekend that wont be available here for some time. has anyone overheard any criminals talking about places they might watch hooky streams of US tv networks?

No bit I just wanted you to know I am watching tiger king and it’s GREAT.


Or ggggrrrrrreaaat as Tony the Tiger himself might say


i can’t see anyone in that whole series being a good egg.

all pretty bad eggs!

That it came off Prime now when I need it most is criminal.

nobody should watch All4 ever.


Ok so Tiger King.

Was he set up?


yes, definitely


his mates all dobbed him in to save their own skins

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nah i don’t think so. pretty much comes down to the fact that whatshisname fred durst bloke cooperated with the feds first.

The Plot Against America?