TV Pilot Film Club (of sorts)...

These things rarely work because we’re all rubbish, but i want to get into some new series. I find that i have quite narrow tastes (generally just Scandi stuff, or major HBO and similar dramas), and i’ll make my mind up about things without even watching it.

I’d like to delve a bit more into some older classics, get past my prejudices about fantasy stuff, investigate a bit more non-Scandinavian foreign language drama, etc.

The idea is, bit like a film club, people nominate a pilot episode, can be anything - drama, sitcom, documentary series, soap, cartoon, from any era, country, etc - and we’ll watch one a week, hopefully put eachother onto some good stuff.

  • Yes, i’d be interested, pal
  • Yes, i’d be interested, m9

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Pilots are usually rubbish though

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i would like to nominate Northern Exposure

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how about ‘Twin Peaks’

…and anybody else interested.

Okay. When you’re ready send me a PM with your pilot, a bit of a description and a link. Obviously it helps if things are free to watch somewhere, be it on Netflix, iPlayer, Youtube, or via dodgy links, etc. Any genre, era, language, etc.

Obviously this is open to everyone, like.