Tv presenters who deserve more work



let’s have a think about people who used to be on tv and now aren’t on tv as much.

i’ll go first… miquita oliver.


Loved Miquita Oliver. Didn’t she start on T4 when she was 16 or something daft?
I like Nat Coombs who used to do the Channel 4 live NFL coverage


yeah she was sitting gcses when the first series of popworld was on

dunno who nat coombs is, pal


Only ever done NFL stuff, AFAIK.
Quite liked Rick Edwards and June Sarpong. Basically T4 had good presenters (it also had Vernon Kay)


dermot should jump the x factor ship


Simon Amstell (2003–2006)[4]
Dave Berry (2006–2007)[5]
Will Best (2011–2012)[6]
Mark Boardman (2006–2007)[7]
Alexa Chung (2008–2009)[4]
Anthony Crank (2004–2005)[8]
Matt Edmondson (2011–2012)[9]
Rick Edwards (2007–2011)[10]
Nick Grimshaw (2010–2012)[4][10]
Omar Gurnah (1998–1999)
MC Harvey (2003–2004)[11]
Jameela Jamil (2009–2012)[12]
Steve Jones (2003–2010)[4][10]
Vernon Kay (2000–2005)[4]
Fran Lee (1998–1999)[13]
Georgie Okell (2010–2012)[10]
Miquita Oliver (2006–2010)[10]
Dermot O’Leary (1998–2001)[14]
June Sarpong (2000–2007)[4]
Ben Shephard (1999–2000)[15]
Margherita Taylor (1999–2001)[16]
Alex Zane (2007–2008)[4]


Jameela Jamil :heart:


trying to think what her presenting brand was. basically a more awkward alexa chung? except she used to be a bit more #relatable - she’d go on about how she used to be fat (she had a column in a magazine and i swear she mentioned it every other issue). now the face of holland and barrett (maybe this was a couple of years ago) and lives in 'merica.


i watched this weeks episodes tonight. his bits to camera while the contestants were in the audition room were atrocious - fist pumps and singing along. he wasn’t a shoulder to cry on either cause it seems they’re saving that for bootcamp.


yeah you’ve basically nailed it, but she had a much more natural sense of comic timing than Chung (no idea about her columns)


miquita was great. I will say tomasz schafernaker as im always glad to see he still has a job.


i’ve got his autograph


let’s see


dr christian’s really good, deserves to present something better than embarrassing bodies


gotta fix that hair first


it’s not in the place i thought it was :frowning2: will have to have a look tomorrow


He’s already had a hair transplant what more do you want the poor lad to do


after strictly i’m hoping judge rinder goes primetime