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Basically starting this to talk about how much I’m enjoying Quizness on channel 4. The way the rounds are set up are really well done, especially the round where the same word is the answer for 90% of the questions. I’m usually not a huge fan of Tom Allen but he seems to have found a format that really works for him. I usually do quite well playing along at home but the extra thought having to go into each answer trips me up a fair bit, mostly on the round where you have to give the answer to the other question.

I’d love to get on a quiz show one day. I applied to Pointless shortly before covid but they didn’t like that my partner was my cousin who lived in London and I was in Belfast so we couldn’t get to an audition as easily. When things calm down a bit I think I might apply to some more. I know @TheBarbieMovie2023 has been on Countdown, anybody else on here made an appearance anywhere?

If you notice applications popping up, maybe share links in here!

My mate once made a list of things to do before he turned 30, one of which was appear on a tv quiz/game show. He applied to a bunch, and ended up on pretty much all of them. He was on Brainteaser, The Weakest Link, Supermarket Spree, Deal or no Deal, Soccer AM, and I think a couple of others I can’t remember.

Did rubbish on all of them, but won c. £30,000 on Deal or no Deal, which he used to fund a lot of the rest of his list. One of those guys who leads a bit of a charmed life, just seems to breeze through. Carried the Olympic Torch for some reason, and has it in his big room of mental stuff.

So no I’ve never been on anything. My mum and I would rip up Pointless though.


I’d go on a quiz show but I wouldn’t want to talk about myself. Pointless is the worst for it. Cut out the inane chat, trim the episode down by 15 minutes, sorted

There’s a couple of other people on here who have been on Countdown @Octobadger @Aggpass

I’m quite unusual within the (obsessive) Countdown community in that I have absolutely no interest in appearing on anything else; there’s a huge overlap with quizzing there. I know a few people who have been on like 5 or 6 quiz shows (one of them had a horrible Daily Mail article written about what a failure he was, the comments were hideous :frowning: ), but I’m really quite happy to have excelled at the one thing I went on and go into TV retirement.

My obscurest regular life annoyance is how many of my friends go on Only Connect and then want me to watch them on it. They usually do quite well so it’s multiple episodes worth of torture. Can’t stand the first two rounds.

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Quiz shows are all pointless.

Oh no hang on. Just checking and actually only one quiz show is pointless, sorry. As you were.


Always enjoy the Mastermind/University Challenge/Only Connect completists.

Haha, I’ve got a friend who was on UC/OC, was a question writer for UC and is now a question writer for Mastermind if that counts.

Oh, just discovered someone I saw at the weekend has done all 4, and won 2 (Countdown and Only Connect - as part of a team with one of my best friends, who also won Countdown and Only Connect).

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I was indeed on one episode of Countdown, losing on a crucial conundrum by guessing incorrectly by one letter after 1 second - Episode 5435 - Countdown lays out my pain.

In the canteen after my episode I got chatting to the contestant who was going on after me, he was a serial tv show contestant who had been on Coach Trip and maybe Catchphrase I think, pretty sure I subsequently saw him on Pointless once as well. He said he wasn’t going to be very good; I assumed this was some level of modesty but actually turned out he was bigging himself up too much - I’m not sure he’d actually watched Countdown before. Bit gutted I didn’t get to play him.

I did apply for Pointless once but never heard back. Not really into it any more. I’d like to go on Only Connect if I was better but I’m only really good at the Missing Vowels (ie last) round, feels like a good performance if I even get one or two answers before that.

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Think from recollection the most recent (and youngest and possibly oddest) Mastermind champion was a UC captain in the last couple of years, and the final also had Frankie Fanko of OC fame, who has a name you don’t forget. Seem to recall a bloke a few years back who’d been the series oddball savant on UC but got absolutely murdered on Mastermind a few months later. He looked really disappointed the poor chap.

I’d quite like to go on Pointless with Mrs F, but it’ll never happen. Would like to banter with Osman about the time I sat next to his brother on a plane, and also with Armstrong about how one of my mates used to be a supporting act for Ben Miller. On UC I don’t think I could resist my specialist subject being Half Man Half Biscuit, which would be disastrous because there’s so much obscure detail to remember there.


I was on Pointless which has been well documented.

Applied to go on the Hit List last month. Haven’t heard back :pleading_face: I want to meet lovely Marvin.

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If I ever went on OC and they tried to make me to sing I’d get up and walk off. Not worth it

I’d like to go on the Hit List! Seems quite fun and deceivingly hard, reckon I’d be alright at it too

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Yeah it starts off quite easy but gets more tricky and the final round can be brutal.

Got through to the final audition round for Mastermind once, and was on Popmaster although that’s not TV. Might start applying for quizzes where I might actually win money.

My mum was on Tipping Point if that counts.


Sure we can arrange for a few coughing types in the audience from these boards and they’d never trace it back you


“Question 15, for a million pounds, what is the average price of a round of toast in London?”


Cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough.

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I’m pretty confident in my trivia skills, but think I’d probably go to pieces under the pressure.

Made it onto the B-team for my UC squad, but we weren’t even selected for TV sadly.

Not many quiz shows I enjoy watching, I like pure questions like UC rather than gimmicky stuff, Mastermind is the obvious choice but I don’t have much that could be a specialist subject.

Wouldn’t be able to stomach listening to Humphrys mispronouncing words and “correcting” my correct answers all the time, but he’s gone now, so never say never I guess.

I think the answer to the specialist question dilemma is to pick something quite constrained and then research it to death. The ones who pick a small series of utterly dire novels usually do well, and surely that’s just a matter of reading them all a few times and taking and memorising some notes.

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Mr Tickle - orange, long arms, tickles people, “Gubben Killekill” in Swedish