TV Reminder Thread


Let’s just post when things will be on and absolutely no chat at all. (I am aware they will be on catchup but you know they have to have been on first.

City and the City - BBC2 6th April 9pm
Legion - Fox 17th April 9pm
The Bridge - BBC2 ???


News at 10 - 10pm
News at 6 - 6pm


What channels, dickface!


The friends - comedy central


I don’t know sorry.


masterchef, bbc one, completely at random forever


This could be a repository of information so powerful it could change all our lives. And you guys have to go and dick it up.


Friends is also on Netflix


it’s incredible that nobody had thought to do this sooner tbh.


Limmy’s Homemade Show - Thursday 10pm BBC Scotland but will be on iPlayer hopefully


Sorry 'lonzo

Mijn Maria (2017)
3 april 2018, 16:45 - 17:00 uur


See. I didn’t know this. I needed to know this. Now I know this.


Hot fuzz - itv2
Knocked up - itv2


Hope there is room in the schedule for forgetting Sarah Marshall and one of the American pie sequels


Is that Hot Fuzz the film?




It will be on iplayer (apparently live if you change your settings to Scotland, but just afterwards if not)


Preacher season 3 Prime 25 June




Inspector Montalbano, 21:00 tonight on BBC4