Tv Show Ideas

really love that reality survival show where they cancelled it after like 2 episodes but didn’t tell the contestants.


I’m a celebrity but also a heart surgeon get me 20ccs of Benylin,* stat!

*Benylin is a place holder as I don’t know what drugs a heart surgeon might need

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A gameshow whereby a contestant claims one thing they know about or can do better than anyone else, and is pitted against a random audience member to do that thing.
If you win you become king, if you lose you are shot. (No risk for the audience members)

the secret life of cactuses


Springwatch but it’s all about puddles
Call it Puddlevision

How about ‘Ghost Mutt.’


Primetime Porn - It’s essentially just hardcore pornography on BBC One at like 20:00 on a Wednesday night.


But it’s all national treasures like Norton and Ross and stuff

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No it isn’t.

That sounds less fun

an hour long talking heads type show where celebrities explore the influence of Kilroy Silk’s to share or to shaft on their own lives and on wider society.

I’ll be honest Ruffers, I don’t actually think it’s a good idea. I was just going for pure shock value.

Walsh Hour - an hour of Bradley Walsh’s face, in close up.


I’m in.

Antiques Roadshow: PRANK Edition

The lads at the Beeb make up duplicates of the items that the plebs have brought along to Windsor Castle or whatever, and then just as they get to the £££ bit, Anthony Worrel Thompson or whoever smashes the fucker in front of their face. Proper laughing and stomping the fragments into the ground. Then an all-Californian crew come out shouting “IT’S A PRANK, IT’S A PRANK YO” and thrust about 6 cameras and 7 boom mics into the face of the person who brought in the item.

No-one comes away looking good.


Can’t believe people do that on here tbh



I’m not happy with how it went and I will never do it again.

I can’t decide if the name needs more work, or if its honesty is the key.

Anthony Worrall Thompson goes shoplifting and then explains to store managers how to improve security etc.