Tv Show Ideas


Anthony Worrall Thompson goes shoplifting and then explains to store managers how to improve security etc.


Did you see Basil Brush on Celebrity The Chase the other week?


“A Long Walk off a Short Piers”

I don’t know, it’s just a title at the moment…


The news except its all about 1 family (different every night, chosen at random)


“Worrall In It Together!”


No. I can imagine that the two sparked off each other like Bodger and Badger (RIP).


They had decent rapport, yes.


Cyclists talk about how much they love cycling / the latest gear etc.


A genuine idea that there should be is a 24 hour channel showing nothing but people doing badly at Total Wipeout and all the different worldwide versions of that show.


Gritty Bergerac reboot with Jamie Bell in the titular role.

Either that, or Cracker rebooted as a dancing competition.


Where We From

A bunch of people who happen to have the same name as places are flown out to those places (e.g. Ben Nevis) and then some chump keeps asking them questions trying to force an emotional response even though the link is purely coincidental.


Great British Bake Off Extra Slice Second Helping

Join Donna Air as she chats with her special guests about what happened in the Great British Bake Off Extra Slice this week.


The News: Bloopers

Like The News, but in order to make it a feasible format, staff are actively encouraged to cause disruption during live news broadcasts for potential inclusion in this syndicated show which is available to watch on all aeroplanes.


The Krypton Factor

Each week, six contestants are told that the Earth is due to collide with the sun and they must compete in a singing competition to secure a place in an escape pod that will take them to a planet where they’re basically a god.


Village Swap

The entire population of a village of approximately 300 people is replaced with another of similar size. Once placed in their new village, it becomes like Supermarket Sweep where they just sell off all the other village’s stuff on Gumtree / Facebook Marketplace. The episode ends in a 300 vs. 300 brawl when they realise the other village did the same thing they did.


Would genuinely watch a village on village brawl.


Great British Bake Off Extra Slice Second Helping Licking the Plate

Join Michael Ball as he chats with his special guests about what happened in the Great British Bake Off Extra Slice Second Helping this week.


Gameshow where people are blindfolded, driven to a random place in mainland britain, put in a cherry picker (max height 40m) and have 5 minutes to look around before putting a pin in the map to guess where they are. Closest guess wins, or maybe some sort of points system based on distance idk.

Call it ‘Cherry Picking’ if you want I don’t care


The There-Can-Be-Only-One Show

Celebrities sword fight to the death for the pleasure of sadists Matt Baker and Alex Jones.


Advert remix

Twenty-one minute show which takes regular adverts and slightly changes them, e.g. replaces a salami with a frankfurter. All changes are subtle enough that you’d almost not notice them.

No introduction, no explanation, just the adverts displayed in a slightly different format than was originally intended.