Tv Show Ideas


Remember when Ricky Gervais and Grant Bovey had a charity boxing match? basically it would be exactly the same but with guns


A gameshow where contestants try to make it through a wind tunnel without the candle that they’re holding going out. Can’t think of a snappy title though.


Can you candle this?


Gaslight Challenge

A game show where the contestant doesn’t know they’re a part of it, but over the course of six months, a series of subtle things are done to them that make them think they’re going insane. Calendar appointments change by half an hour inexplicably causing them to be late to meetings, things go missing in their apartment, their TV stops working on Wednesdays, things like that.

At the end of the six months, they aren’t told what happened, they just stop doing it.





A group of people who have never ridden a bike are followed across a year of learning to ride, acquiring a bike, and culminating in them becoming full BW and doing a London > Brighton Trip.




they should bring back short change
and stars in their eyes


‘Bike, Uri, us’

Members of the public interview spoonbender extraordinaire Uri Geller while riding a tandem together


rogue traders

I honestly can’t remember what the motorbike angle had to do with anything.


Bike-curious George

Same thing, but exclusively with apes


Britain by sidecar with John Parrott and Dennis Taylor


Knockin’ on Evans’ door

A series of repeatedly knock and running on various famous people with the name Evans and seeing which cracks first.


Could follow it up by being a very noisy tenant in the flat below people called Evans

Evans Upstairs we could call it


Evans is a Place on Earth

Documentary about the residents of Evans, New York.


what’s your flavour

Craig David hosts a game show in which contestants have to guess the flavour of a crisp using only their sense of touch


can’t remember watching that that but apparently one of the presenters was jailed for benefit fraud



*Rugoe traders


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