Tv Show Ideas


Baby Got Hacked

Sensitive documentary about the victims of identity theft presented by one hit wonder and unfailingly honest large derriere fan Sir Mix-A-Lot.


baby got BACS
sir mixalot sends some electronic payments


First Dates - People try their first ever date fruit. After they have eaten it, they are asked if they would try it again.

Durst Fetes - Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit holds a series of village fetes, but is faced with a series of challenges (E.g, Calming a down a confrontation that has arisen over whether or not a split jelly bean counts as one or two sweets in the Guess How Many In A Jar contest)


Gogglebox, but their watching porn.


Baby Got Fracked

Is fracking really harmful to the environment? Committed truth-speaker and ample buttock connoisseur Sir Mix-A-Lot investigates.



Nick and the team return for another blub-fest.

This week, the team are in Credenhill, Hertfordshire, where an ill-advised design brief turns a semi-detached into an exact replica of the Iranian Embassy circa 1980, with spectacularly disastrous results. Last in series.


baby goat backs




(3/8) The high-stakes cookery/cop-show crossover reaches it’s quarter-final stage where three more aspiring chefs present their signature dishes for presenters Bodie and Doyle.

Angela from County Durham is left distraught when her carefully-constructed mackerel tartare with crisp quails’ eggs is utterly destroyed by the hosts in an inexplicable firefight with Greasy Ron The Escaped Con, and Simon from Exeter is outraged to be labelled “a bit bent” when he rustles up an iced raspberry soufflé with cinnamon straw.


Baby Got Whacked

Untruth adverse oversized posterior aficionado Sir Mix-a-Lot goes undercover in the mafia for this shocking expose of mob life.


i bet theres a programme on the local manchester channel like that, the last time i put it on there was just two students playing jenga


master sheff

5 southerners spend a week talking about steel, pronouncing words incorrectly and putting Henderson’s relish on every meal in preparation for the grand finale, a trip to bramall lane with Sean Bean in which they have to convince him that they are fellow sheffieldians



Searing political interrogation as David Dimbleby finally loses it and spends a whole hour quizzing garden herbs on their political ideals. With little or no results



John Humphries presents a special one-off never-ending edition of the legendary quiz show, with questions sourced from all 12,435,838,927 series of the ITV wheeler-dealer comedy drama. Dennis Waterman takes to the famous black chair to accumulate as many points as possible in an endless round, which will only end when the universe decides that this simply cannot carry on and promptly turns itself inside out.



Join Carol Vorderman as she travels back in time to the 2nd Century and wows the inhabits of Chedworth Roman Villa with easy solutions to some complex mathematical problems. And then gets burned as a witch.


Robert wars

A bunch of guys named Robert fight to the death for your amusement



(19/24) Continuing comedic adventures of rag-and-bone men with a penchant for petty thievery. Harold is dismayed when, upon bringing a right tasty sort back for an evening of 'ow’s yer father, he discovers he can’t open the front door due to the sheer quantity of pilfered post-it notes that Albert is stashing in the hallway.


Baby Got Slack

Documentary on the rise of the cloud based collaboration app presented by falsehood allergic grandiose backside admirer alright I’m bored of doing these now I really should do some work.


Simon in garfunkel’s

Simon schama examines Britain’s history through its love affair with the overpriced tourist trap restaurant chain



Famed children’s variety show returns to TV. Hosted by human/mechanoid hybrid Stu Francis (aka T1OOOHIcouldcrushagrape), each episode culminates in the Cracker-Jack Challenge, where five primary school children are invited to win prizes by subjecting themselves to a one-to-one grilling by Robbie Coltrane. The first child not to buckle under Coltrane’s patented hardcore psychological mind-games will walk away with some fire-damaged stock from a nearby MB Games warehouse.

This week’s musical entertainment is provided by a clearly uncomfortable Glasvegas, showing bitter contempt towards their agent for accepting that their career has hit enough of a low point to even consider this sort of gig.


Candle or bra?

Contestants have a choice between a candle or bra to help them escape from a spooky mansion