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Chirpy 80s sitcom following the exploits of a middle-class suburbanite and his ferocious giant sandworm wife. This week, Terry gets himself into a right old scrape with the local vicar when two Scouts on Bob-A-Job Week are devoured whole by Dune while tending to the back garden.


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Jimmy Carr and Su Pollard host a brand new occult-based gameshow for Saturday nights. Various bastards and ne’er-do-wells are invited to take on the dark lord himself, Satan, in a variety of physical and mental challenges. This week, Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg goes head-to-head with Beezlebub in a best-of-three Connect 4 challenge, while former cod-philosopher and QPR headcase Joey Barton takes on Old Nick in Sudoku Of The Damned.



special fbi task force is set up to study whether it is ok to put the wax rind off cheese in the food waste recycling or if it has to go in the black bin.



(14/22) Further adventures of the helpful wandering German Shepherd, voiced by Ice-T.


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Larks a-plenty in Channel 4’s brand new “The Word for the '10s generation” Friday-night post-pub grossout-fest. Each week, grime superstar Dizzee Rascal picks off former Channel 4 employees with sedative darts and cages them, before subjecting them to a potentially lethal dose of a mystery tropical disease of his choice…just to see what will happen!!.

This week, Dizzee bags Paul Coia and Alex Zane and injects them with a liberal dose of Amazonian Yellow-Footed Macaw Lurgy. Light musical relief to distract the viewer from the horrendous disfiguring results and bloodcurdling screams for mercy is provided by Adele.



Kate Humble and him off The Apprentice present live through-the-night coverage from Britain’s only Sting Conservation Park in Durham. Following last night’s dramatic events in which the Geordie rocker was struck by a car while leading his young across a busy access route, the team face a moral dilemma over whether to intervene and help the stricken Sumner, or let nature take it’s course.

On a lighter note, Chris Packham presents some encouraging news from the Park’s breeding program, which has produced six healthy Stewart Copelands. ®.


‘According to Henderson’s, famous fans of the condiment include Sheffield-born celebrities Sean Bean, Peter Stringfellow and Def Leppard’s Rick Savage. David Blunkettalso used it when he cooked shepherd’s pie on The F Word TV cookery programme.[2]


Henderson’s Relish has been an inspiration to several Sheffield such as Rick Savage (Def Leppard) artists who have produced pieces about the product.


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From the pen of Laurence Marks & Maurice Gran comes a brand-new sitcom, following the trials and tribulations of Cuban ex-president Fidel Castro (Darius Danesh) as he opens a pub to help tide him through his retirement.

In this week’s episode, Fidel flies into a rage when he discovers that his consignment of British Bacon and Cumberland sausages will not be delivered until a week on Wednesday, throwing his plans to add Bay Of Pigs In Blankets to the food menu into disarray.

Guest starring Jose Mourinho as the grumpy local brewer and Russell Brand as the accident-prone waiter whose shaky grasp of the Spanish language provides many a comedy misunderstanding.



Sheffield must be razed to the ground immediately.



think they already started with page hall #localbants