TV Show Ideas



I’ve got an idea for a great new T.V program.

We get all the major political parties to face of against each other in a football tournament to promote sport to young people.

I imagine it would include Labour, Conservatives and the SNP. UKIP, Lib Dems, Greens and the rest would have to go through a set of qualifiers.

We’ll call it ‘Political Football’!


monkey tennis


A show where people cook or bake stuff.


Tiger Crew documentary.

Written by, directed by and starring @tigercrewtc.


The Great British Bake-Off…On Ice!


Celebrity DIY

Just film celebrities struggling with basic home improvement work. Potential spin-offs include celebrity gardening and celebrity traffic jam




Insect Assault Course (First Bet Free)


Something set in late 50’s Detroit - just when the boom is starting to fade, birth of Motown etc.

Also a show set in the Los Alamos community during the Mahanttan Project would be interesting.


Are you thinking people having to run the gauntlet through swarms of bees, etc?

Or more ants wading through mud and scrambling over bits of gravel?


i had a dream where i was on a TV show where there was a group of us and we got show round increasingly better houses, and after each one we’d vote one of the group off and they had to have that house. i remember one we looked at was basically a four floor bunker, all underground and concrete and metal but i quite liked it. could make that real i guess?

incidentally, in the same dream, i got the bus home and Andy Murray was sat behind me. I asked him for an autograph but he got really pissed off about it, i apologised and then he realised he’d been a bit of an arse so invited me back to his house for a game of Virtua Tennis on the PS2 to apologise. not sure what TV show that’d make, but could follow it up with a match of FIFA against Carlton Cole, a game of F1 2016 against Nigel Mansell etc. maybe?


second one. inspired by a woodlouse racecourse I once saw.




that will happen naturally!!


Just remake fun house. (And let me have a go)