TV show watching habits (Poll Frenzy)

First question is about what will lead you to watch a TV show in the first place.

  • I’ll start watching anything to see what it’s like.
  • I generally only watch watch stuff that I’ve heard might be good from reviews or friends, or projects where I know something about the pedigree of those involved

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So, you’ve started a show. If it turns out not to be your thing or not meeting your standards when will you bail?

  • I am happy to bail out on a tv show after a few establishing scenes. I know what I like.
  • I’ll always watch at least half of the first episode
  • I’ll always watch the full first episode before bailing on a season
  • You gotta watch a few episodes to give a show a chance, I’ll always do that
  • Once I’ve started I’ll keep watching till the end of the season even if I’m hating it but I won’t watch the next season (unless someone says it’s amazing)
  • Once I’ve started something I’ll see it through to the bitter end, every stinking episode of every stinking season.

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For those of you who won’t bail, what’s your motivation?

  • The thought that it might get better
  • A desire not to be beaten, a need to rise to the challenge
  • An obsession with completing things even if you don’t like them

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Important point - these questions assume that you have complete autonomy and that there’s no one pressuring you to start or to keep watching a show.

I bail even on my favourite shows once an end is in sight. Never watched the last few episodes of Borgen for instance because doing that means it’s finally over (this only applies to final seasons)

Realised the other night that my 13yo son watches no TV. He will watch the odd thing on catch-up/iPlayer once in a blue moon but generally just watches stuff on YouTube and plays XBox

some shows I’ll give it a few episodes to get good if it seems like “the sort of thing I might like” (e.g. Haunting of Hill House), others I will bail on quick if it just seems like a load of bullshit (e.g.Maniac)

Ok, you’re watching a show and you really like it. Two strong seasons so far. You’re three episodes into the third season and it’s much less satisfying. The opening episode was weak, the second episode was worse still and the last episode you saw was about the same. It’s a ten episode season.

How much longer will you watch it waiting for it to improve?

  • I’ll give it one more episode
  • I’ll watch two more episodes
  • Surely it’s gonna turn around I’ll watch up to four more
  • I got two good seasons out of it, I have faith. I’ll see the season out
  • I’m some kind of maniac, I’ll see the whole series out. I made a commitment.

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Generally see the season out and then bail, but I did finish all the Dexter seasons for christ knows what reason.

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Would have bailed after episode 2


Yeah, me too probably. I should have included that option.

Typically how many box sets (where all episodes are available at once) do you tend to watch in parallel?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5+

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I like having 1 serious and 1 not serious

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My answer isn’t true, I don’t know why I said one more episode. It depends but I actually like bad tv sometimes as I struggle to concentrate anyway so I like the comfort of knowing the characters etc but don’t always care if its any good anymore as it’s background TV anyway. Very very rare I’ll properly watch a show unless it’s with someone else as I just get too distracted.

Depends what we’re counting as a box set.

Serious ones? Only one at a time.
Reality TV? I’ve currently got 5 active seasons on the go.

5+ imo

Oh good lord.

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For those of you who chose “I’ll give it one more episode” in the last poll.

  • I actually wouldn’t have watched episode 2, I’d have bailed after the first rubbish episode.
  • I’d have stopped after the second crappy episode.
  • I’d have stopped after the third, so my answer above is still not quite accurate because of your stupid poll.
  • My original answer stands

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didn’t actually vote in the first poll, did vote in this one, STILL not happy about it

What’s wrong, sweetheart?

I assume this doesn’t mean literally in parallel, at the same time.

it doesn’t cover the option of

‘I didn’t vote in the poll above, but my answer is ‘I’d have stopped after the third’’

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Do you not get all the people mixed up together? That’s why we can’t have more than one RH on the go at once. I once genuinely considered making a spreadsheet to keep track of who was in which one.

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@Epimer hold my arms while warny punches me in the stomach.

I deserve it.