TV shows influencing your life in a tangible way.

I had some bread with little anchovies on it the other day and it was delicious. All my life I’ve thought “I hate anchovies”, but it turns out that I actually think “I like anchovies”.

I realised that it stems from Futurama, and an episode where Fry’s pizza of choice has anchovies on it and his friends mock him for it. I think watching that as a young boy has had a profound impact on me, and that subconsciously I’ve avoided anchovies ever since incase people take the piss out of me for liking them.

Which cartoons and tv shows have influenced your life?

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I bought a Grateful Dead album purely because they were mentioned so much in Freaks and Geeks, and the dad in My So Called Life loved them

It was fine

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My attraction to Princess Jasmine led to me soliciting and obtaining a partner of middle-eastern/south asian descent


Would never trust an elderly pink aardvark


Oh yeah, so they did.

Got to say that I never really held any of those turtles in much esteem, so don’t think they played a part in my decision to not like anchovies.

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Twin Peaks made me try black coffee, don’t drink owt else now.

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Coronation Street


95% of my jokes are lifted from TV shows.


He-Man made me become the most physically powerful human on earth and sport a lovely blonde bob.


Sopranos made me start eating pasta with a fork held in my right hand.


I take anyone who betrays me out on a boat.


Think it’s the ones that make me happy and I can rewatch episodes and feel good, that is very special for me. The simpsons and tom and jerry - just a few seasons of each but these shows have been with me since i was old enough to watch TV. Fresh prince of bel air too, a later addition but the black joy, black excellence and black humanity that show portrays has always made me feel good. Love those shows and will casually watch one or more episodes of either show at least once a week


He man gives my brother adam war flashbacks from the time we were kids and my other siblings and I would call him prince adam/tell him that he has the power. We all had an unpleasant nickname though so it evened out

Ab Fab and Nighty Night have massively influenced my personality and most likely made me a worse person. But I do own some fabulous animal print shoes now.


I remember Home and Away heartthrob Dieter Brummer appearing on Live & Kicking or something, and he said that he only brushed his teeth once a day, so I started doing that. Then all my teeth fell out, thanks Dieter.

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'er indoors wasn’t allowed to watch The Simpsons when she was growing up, so we watched all of seasons 1 to 11 together. I think it was about season 4 when she said “half of your personality is just Simpsons humour, isn’t it?”


Do you actually eat said pasta? Or sort of stab at it aggresively?

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quite like to eat pasta when watching a tv show or movie featuring the mafia.


while breathing out through my nose, noisily.

Doesn’t everyone?

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